Trump says ‘thank you’ to NC supporters


FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Thousands of people packed Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville Tuesday night to see Donald Trump and to hear his message on his 2016 Thank You Tour.

While the message of thank you was well received among supporters, the president-elect also made a major announcement.

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“I’m here today for one main reason: To thank you the people of North Carolina,” Trump said.

The president-elect is doing something thats never been done.

“I haven’t yet heard of any president doing a tour like this,” supporter Angie Lowdry, who attended the event, said. “I mean this just makes a statement of its own saying that he not here for his self.”

Trump’s 2016 Thank You Tour landed in Fayetteville Tuesday to a warm reception.

Trump visited the military town known for its Army base Fort Bragg several stops during his campaign, including a controversial visit that ended with one Trump supporter punching a protester in the face. But Tuesday there were no incidents, just applause from supporters.

“He just energizes the crowd,” one supporter told WWAY. “I love it. He’s not your standard politician.”

Trump announced on stage he will name James “Mad Dog” Mattis as secretary of defense while also praising our military.

“The American people are fortunate that a man of this character and integrity will now be the civilian leader atop the Department of Defense,” Trump said.

Trump said he will lower taxes and restore jobs, along with restructuring Obamacare and immigration.

“To protect our country from terrorism and extremism, we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed,” the president-elect said.

Many hope this tour will bridge the political divide currently in our country.

“I think he is trying very hard to bring everybody together and close the divide, and I hope he’s successful in doing it,” Martha Blake said.

A lot of Trump’s message was directed toward military families, but there were also some other speakers, and there were some boos when Trump mentioned the media and Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

Trump will continue his tour in Iowa on Thursday.