WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It has long been said that music is the one place where you can both lose and find yourself at the same time. Our Extraordinary Person of the Week is hitting all those high notes.

‘He Rose’ is just one of many songs Damion Murrill brings with all his heart. This Wilmington singer, songwriter, producer and choreographer comes from a family deeply rooted in gospel.

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“I may feel this music a certain way that God has given me and so I believe it’s up to me to deliver it the best way that I know how so I try to make sure people get it the way I got it,” Murrill told WWAY’s Daniel Seamans.

Damion and his talented colleagues and family have won awards, and major nominations.  “That started out with my family group. We did our first album in 2008 and received a Grammy nomination and Stella nomination. The Grammy nomination was for best gospel R & B.”

Most recently, he has recorded a song for Christmas. “I wanted to pick a song that talks about the true, real meaning of Christmas,” Murrill said, “so I picked the song “O Holy Night”.”

And with all his performances, this rendition comes with passion. “The song is the traditional O’ Holy Night,” Murrill said, “but the way we done it is not the traditional O’ Holy Night.”

Damion Murrill, you spread a positive message, you hit the high notes….

“Music is not just an expression, it’s a message, sometimes it’s things in your heart,” Murrill said.

….and that makes you, EXTRAORDINARY.
To download a copy of ‘O Holy Night’, click here.
To check out Damion Murrill’s website, click here.