City Council approves rezoning for brewery


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council approved rezoning for a new brewery tonight over on Randall Parkway.

Not everyone is excited about the business setting up shop.

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The decision on Flying Machine Brewing Company was continued from December’s meeting so the owners could work on a plan that addresses a number of concerns like like noise and traffic from nearby community members. Tonight the owners said they held two meetings with residents and have altered their plans to include a buffer of trees and other sound proofing techniques and also decided not to have any music playing outdoors.

But for some residents, the changes are just not enough.

“I kinda feel like it was a disregard for a 75 year old neighborhood. We’ve got people coming from out of town to show us how to live and save us from ourselves and I feel it was a bad decision. The neighborhood should be dominant,” said Rusty Holt.

Holt said tonight’s decision is making him reconsider living in Wilmington. He said he might even consider moving to Columbus County.

But others are very excited about the new brewery. They said it will be a great place for families and hang out on that side of town.