Whoopi Goldberg responds to New Hanover commissioner’s criticism


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Actress, comedian and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg is responding to a New Hanover County Commissioner questioning her visit to Wilmington later this year.

Goldberg, who has won an Emmy, an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony, and who is one of the hosts of “The View” on ABC, is scheduled to perform at CFCC’s Wilson Center in June.

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Wednesday New Hanover County Commission Chair Woody White, a Republican, posted on Twitter that he had asked the college about funding for her appearance and if a conservative performer would be invited to the Wilson Center.

White also took to his Facebook page to criticize the booking of Goldberg, who has been outspoken in criticism of various Republican leaders, including President-elect Donald Trump.

“Personally, I think having her here is a horrible idea – at a community college, especially,” White wrote. “A school devoted to developing the workforce, and helping fill the labor gaps, provides a venue for someone who just a few weeks ago was moving to Canada in protest to Trumps election? Terrible.”

Comments on the social media posts are both supportive and critical of White’s opinion.

Last night, Goldberg responded on Twitter and Facebook telling White that if he’s going to be critical of her, at least get the facts straight:

“Well, if you are going to talk about me, get it right. I get that it’s to your advantage to remain ignorant of the facts, but for what it’s worth, I never said I would leave if Trump became President.

You can look it up, though I don’t expect you will, because if you were interested in facts or truth, you wouldn’t have had any basis for what you wrote about me.

That’s neither here nor there, but the fact that it would not occur to you that women and girls would be offended about the prospect of someone who thinks grabbing women by the genitalia and also saying out loud “that if you are famous woman will allow that kind of thing” then I’m surprised you are okay with that and questioning me.

It just makes me glad my mother raised me to know what is truly offensive. So if nobody buys tickets, I won’t come, but you will lose all credibility as a the first amendment guy – oh, wait, that’s not you – you’ll still be known as the man excusing the bad behavior of another grown man who should’ve known better.”

Goldberg’s Facebook post has received 14,000 likes and 2,200 comments.

White then responded to Goldberg on Twitter:

I’m glad you took a few minutes to contact me. Thanks. I hope while you are here for 2 hours, earning 85k, that you will have time to tour our community college vocational training classrooms and compare them to the arts center where you will be performing. Maybe you’ll decide to donate some of that money to ease the pain inflicted on our local tax payers.

In answer, Goldberg broke down what she pays in taxes and to her employees.

She ended the Twitter war by asking White to view her as a real person. In response, White wished her luck with her show.

WWAY asked Commissioner White if he’s criticized other celebrities when it comes to performances at the Wilson Center. He said he also questioned Liza Minnelli’s 125k visit.

Whoopi’s performance is June 23rd.