Carolina Beach Town Council votes against helicopters


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Carolina Beach Town Council voted unanimously Tuesday night not to allow helicopters to take off and land on the island.

People packed into the council chambers to have their voices heard on the matter of High Tide Helicopters coming to Pleasure Island. The company also has a site in Southport.

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Dozens spoke out against the business citing concerns over things like noise, damage to wildlife, a decrease in property values, even the impact of the sound of helicopters on the veterans in the community.

In the end, council sided with the concerns of the people and unanimously decided against helicopters.

“I think the decision went well. We had over 200 people show up to this meeting tonight. And there were a lot of people that had incredible patience. And also I found that there were some tremendous speakers tonight that all had different issues as a reason not to have helicopters on Pleasure Island in Caroline Beach. So I’m so happy and so proud of the people of Carolina Beach for showing up and showing the support for an issue that was really important for us,” said John Wick, a Carolina Beach resident opposed to the helicopters.

Wick said there was a trial of the business back in 2015 and many people who live on the island found the helicopters to be bothersome.

There were about three people at the meeting who spoke in favor of the helicopter business. Mayor Dan Wilcox, although ultimately voting against the business, voiced his concern that the way this situation was handled might scare other tourism businesses away from trying to set up shop on Pleasure Island.