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Leland shooting (Photo: Daniel Seamans/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – One month after a Leland police officer exchanged gunfire with a man in the Windsor Park neighborhood, District Attorney Jon David held a press conference to reveal more details about the case.

The district attorney says the goal of the press conference is to share the facts, underlying his determination that this shooting was justified.

On December 9, Officer Jacob Schwenk was responding to a drunk driver call on Bridgeport Way, when the suspect opened fire. Police say that man, Brent Quinn, died in the shooting.

District Attorney Jon David says the investigation has determined that if Quinn would have lived, he’d have been the only one charged that night. Those charges would have included attempted murder.

Officer Schwenk was shot 6 times, multiple times in the legs. Police say Schwenk was also shot in the chest, but he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Many questions have surrounded the case, including, what motivated the shooting.

Assistant District Attorney Quintin McGee says before the shooting, Quinn argued with his girlfriend and then drove off.

Officer Schwenk then responded to the 911 calls regarding a possible drunk driver. ADA McGee says as Officer Schwenk approached Quinn, Quinn pulled out a 9mm handgun and began firing at Officer Schwenk.

The press conference also revealed that Officer Schwenk fell to the ground after being shot. He was able to reload while he was on the ground. He managed to shoot and kill Quinn while Quinn was coming toward him. Schwenk shot Quinn six times, twice in the face.

The district attorney says the entire gunfight lasted maybe 10 seconds. Schwenk then radioed for help.

ADA McGee says another Leland officer arrived an applied a tourniquet to Officer Schwenk’s leg. One of the bullets had hit an artery. Schwenk, who has medical training, talked the officer through applying the tourniquet.

During the investigation, ADA McGee says another loaded gun was found in Quinn’s car. The district attorney says Quinn had a concealed weapon permit. He had two 9mm handguns. He also called him a trained military man.

DA David says they don’t know what motivated Quinn to start shooting at the officer. The toxicology results are not back, but Quinn had been drinking rather extensively in the hours preceding this incident. David said while that might explain his behavior, it certainly won’t excuse it.

The district attorney says not only were Officer Schwenk’s actions justified, they were heroic. The bulletproof vest, skill of the surgeon and the grace of God is why Schwenk is here today.

The district attorney says he met with Quinn’s ex-wife and spoke with Quinn’s mother and sister to share the results of the investigation.

As for now, Schwenk is out of the hospital, still in a wheelchair. He can’t use his right leg at this point. The district attorney says it will be a slow recovery process, but that Schwenk is doing well emotionally and physically.


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