Teacher of the Week: Heidi Ashba


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When you think of a room full of first graders, do you think of calm and serenity?

That’s how it is in Heidi Ashba’s classroom at Bellamy Elementary, and it’s thanks in no small part to yoga.

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“I actually enjoy first grade,” Ashba said. “I think they’ll remember first grade, because they do so much learning, and this is the year they’re gonna remember that, ‘Wow. I learned to become a better reader or I learned to read.'”

We learned there are a few ways she’s making sure these kids are getting all they can out of her class.

“Structure is very important,” Ashba said. “You can have the best lesson plans in the world, but if  you don’t have structure and the kids don’t feel safe and comfortable you’re not going to see the learning and success.”

But there’s more.

“They love doing yoga,” Ashba said of her students. “It really helps to calm them down, and when I see a child getting anxious, take a zipper breath, hold in for three, hold it in and then let it out for three, and I do see them calm. You can hear a pin drop after yoga.”

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