Phoenix proposes controversial “Shoot a Snake” bill

Shoot a Snake Bill

PHOENIX, AZ Residents of Phoenix are debating how to deal with the poisonous reptiles and other vermin they sometimes find in their midst.

CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO reports proposed House Bill 2021 would allow citizens to shoot snakes as well as rodents within city limits, so long as people are using the proper rat or snake shot.

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Among the major concerns is that taking a firearm out into the desert to shoot at vermin presents a far lesser danger to innocent bystanders than it does in an urban area, as bullets ricochet and you can’t control their flight once they leave the gun.

“Do we really want people shooting guns in the city limits next to houses?” said Russ Johnson of the Phoenix Herpetological Society told KPHO “You’re talking about shooting rats. So you’re shooting on your rooftop, so you got bird shot spraying everywhere. OK, if you’re shooting a snake, you’re pointing down. You’re gonna get a ricochet even though it’s pellet.”

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