FIRST ON WWAY UPDATE: DA responds to planned armed march


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The New Hanover County District Attorney is responding to the Revolutionary Black Panthers Party armed march that is scheduled to take place this Sunday in Wilmington.

District Attorney Ben David’s office released this statement:

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“My office has received several press inquiries regarding an announced march scheduled to take place in Wilmington this weekend. The right to gather and speak freely is as great American tradition and is enshrined in our First Amendment. The right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment. To ensure public safety, reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions are codified in the N.C. Gen Stat. 14-277.2, which prohibits the possession of firearms under certain circumstances.

This statute will be enforced in this district without regard to the applicant who seeks to assemble or the viewpoints of that group. When the assembly is convened on public property, individuals are prohibited from possessing firearms while demonstrating or picketing without advanced permission. Anyone in violation of this statute will be prosecuted.”

Yesterday, when we told Chief Commander Alli Muhammad that Wilmington police said it is illegal in the state to have firearms at a demonstration, he said that is not going to stop them.

“We are not people going out there being derelict,” Muhammad said. “We are not people going out there just being careless and chaotic. We are actually standing for what’s lawful.”

We have reached out to the local leader of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party of Wilmington for their response to the District Attorney’s statement. We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.