Chief Evangelous: WPD will protect residents, enforce laws at Black Panther March


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s police chief says his officers will keep people safe and enforce the law during a Black Panther march this weekend.

Chief Ralph Evangelous says Wilmington Police got notice from the Revolutionary Black Panther Party weeks ago of their intent to march this weekend in Wilmington. He said that’s when WPD told organizers about a law that says you cannot be armed during any sort of demonstration.

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As we have reported this week, the Black Panthers plan to hold an armed march through the Creekwood community to “get justice for the injustices that are happening to the black African people all around the world.”

Today Chief Evangelous said that his officers will be at the event Sunday afternoon to keep Creekwood residents safe, enforce all state and city laws and take appropriate action if necessary.

With that said, he also says that the community can do something to help.

“If you really want to help the community, don’t show up this weekend and give them their five minutes of fame,” Evangelous said. “That’s my advice and my counsel to you.”

The subject of the demonstration has to do with police versus citizen issues. Evangelous says he has instructed his team not to allow anyone at the event to get them worked up and just enforce the law.

Evangelous said the Black Panthers do not need a permit for the event, but the city has told them they do need to fill out an intent to picket form. So far Evangelous says organizers have not returned that form.