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Daniel Teachey's comment on Jessenia Tascon's Facebook ad.

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland grocery story owner is facing backlash over a Facebook comment.

A woman claims one of the owners of the Piggly Wiggly in Leland posted an offensive comment on her sales ad on social media.

When Jessenia Tascon posted a picture of her Toyota Sequoia in a Wilmington yard sale Facebook group, she never expected it to turn into a viral conversation.

“Someone sent me a private message saying, ‘Hey, did you just see what that person posted? That is so racist,'” Tascon said.

Tascon said the comment was from a man named Daniel Teachey. She said she later found out Teachey is one of the owners of the Piggly Wiggly.

Daniel Teachey’s comment on Jessenia Tascon’s Facebook ad.

“Sell it in Mexico. They don’t know better and it will hold 22 illegals,” Teachey said in the Facebook comment.

Tascon said she was immediately offended.

“I am Hispanic,” Tascon said. “I’m not Mexican though. I was born and raised here in the U.S., but it did offend me.”

She said she shops at that Piggly Wiggly often and she knows many Hispanics who also shop there.

“If you study management or any of that, the first thing is customer service and why would you treat someone like that? My post had nothing to do with that comment,” Tascon said.

Teachey later posted an apology on the store’s Facebook page.

“Sorry,” Teachey said. “Not meaning to sound racist. Just joking. Not a good joke. If you like, you could bring it and sell it in the parking lot with the other four vehicles we have out there now. It’s a nice looking vehicle that would sell pretty quick. Please accept my apology.”

We stopped at the Piggly Wiggly to get Teachey’s side. He did not want to do an on camera interview, but told us he has apologized twice.

“I just want him to know that that was really hurtful to me directly and to all my Latin or Hispanic family members or friends or anyone that’s Mexican,” Tascon said.

Teachey told us he took down the Leland Piggly Wiggly Facebook page.

Tascon said she reached out to corporate Piggly Wiggly. They responded to her e-mail with an apology.

Piggly Wiggly Corporate’s e-mail to Tascon


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  1. Mary Trepanier

    I use to work for him!! hes a ass.. sorry for the bad word but i called the kettle black there..

  2. Beanomac

    lots of cars in the parking lot of piggly wiggly he I drive by it…mans opinion doesn’t appear to be affecting business at all.
    More yellow journalism and another example of why no one trust the “free press” anymore.

  3. Vog46

    You clearly have no idea what I do and do not understand.
    But keep a tryin,’ gaslighting is so easy to defeat with actual; facts

  4. Tee

    I’ve had an experience with this guy. He wasn’t very friendly and I was a vendor providing a service, or at least i tried to do my job. I remember leaving in a huff and that was about 2 years ago and i havent been back since.

  5. Heimie Schmelter

    The most hilarious component about his comment is, there are no “illegals” in Mexico! They are all HERE, not in Mexico! And nobody picked up on this?
    We all know that Mexico doesn’t tolerate “illegals”. They throw you in a stinkin’ pig pen prison cell, extort money from your families and torture you for 2 years before release! And the “illegals” here think America is bad? hhhrrrump…GO Trump! Send them ALL back home!

  6. Vog46

    This is a free country and individual expression is not regulated. If the original post was made on the Piggly Wiggly facebook page then its wrong. If it was made on Teachey’s facebook page then it was wrong but protected by his right to free speech. Any time you interject a company into the picture the impression is that the company is making the statement, not the individual and that can cause all sorts of problems. This guy needs to keep his opinions off social media if he’s concerned about protecting his job.

    Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

    1. Heimie Schmelter

      He’s the owner of the business. He can do exactly as he pleases and likely doesn’t need YOUR opinions to continue his success!

      1. Vog46

        Piggly Wiggly employees were told recently that the Piggly Wiggly stock was worthless
        I hope he enjoys that success !!!!!

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

  7. salmon

    I still want to know who paid for all the signs in Mexico back in the 90’s advertising North Carolina as a great place to move to. Like those “South Of The Border” signs on 95, reversed.

  8. J Patriot

    Yeah this is ridiculous. I’m disgusted that WWAY would even validate this as a news story. Shows the ignorance of so many people in this world today. The comment was certainly questionable. I can understand that some people might have even found it to be offensive. I did not see any slurs, (which I see DAILY on facebook posts that SOMEHOW don’t catch the media’s attention), and I did not see where his job was relevant… he did not post it from a work page, mention his business, and he is not running for office. The snow flake that made a mountain out of a mole hill is a twisted, emotionally unstable, sad person who clearly feels that ruining someone’s career is justified because she felt “offended”. Absolutely APPAULING, WWAY!!! For as twisted as this woman is, the media proved they are worse. I am embarrassed to know this station operates in my home town. #FIRSTAMENDMENT

  9. dhm

    No need for racist comments. Words can be very hurtful and you cannot take them back.

  10. guest45

    used to be a free country and free speech, if it offends, leave the country or boycott the store, and shut up,

    1. Coleman Jackson

      You need to tell your President that!!!!!

      1. J Patriot

        If you’re not a US citizen, Coleman, then none of this really concerns you and your opinion is invalid.

    2. Jack

      Still is free speech. 1st amendment guarantees you freedom from government reprisals. You can’t be arrested or business seized. It does not guarantee you from social reprisals.

    3. El Brant

      Wrong, the US is perceived as a “free” country. We have plenty of rules on every level of government, from city/county to state/federal and every (DOT, DOD, DMV, etc.) division in between. As citizens, we have the freedom to choose whether we will follow the rules or not. If we choose not to, then we will suffer the appropriate punishment (fines, loss of privileges, loss of property, incarceration, etc.). So, are you choosing to follow the rules? Or choosing to not be punished?

  11. Old Surfer

    Unfortunately, forgiveness is no longer a concept Americans can wrap their minds around. Come on people, put on your “big person” clothes, notice how I did not get gender-specific, which would cause further offense, and say OKAY, I heard you and I’m over it.

  12. JackR8675309

    It’s pretty sad that this is a story and is getting this level of attention. Media stirring up crap at it’s finest. The dude absolutely made an unsavory comment, but I still don’t understand what that has to do with his JOB. Way to go, WWAY. A facebook comment made in poor taste. And FAR from being the worst of what I’ve seen, by the way. Is this really the best you can do for a “story”? You, WWAY, continue to feed hate and breed anger. Shame on you and the ignorant people that thought this was news-worthy.

  13. James Last

    we all make mistakes, you can’t un-ring a bell, Mr Teachey has apologized, let’s all be more forgiving…

    1. Jack

      I can understand forgiving. I just have no idea why he needed to make this “joke”. There are 2 different types of apologies. One is because you mean it, and one because you got caught. This seem to be the later. She made a fuss because it is offensive, and shameful. He then apologizes.

  14. ohreally

    What an idiot. Business owners should not be shoving their personal opinions and politics in customers’ faces.

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