Museum ends Shia LaBeouf live stream, citing safety concerns

Jaden Smith stands for hours as a part of Shia LaBeouf's Anti-Trump art piece "#HeWillNotDivideUs" (Photo: MGN)

NEW YORK (AP) – New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image has closed a performance art project involving Shia LaBeouf, citing “serious public safety hazards.”

The project had the actor and others chanting “He will not divide us” in front of a live camera since Donald Trump’s first day as president three weeks ago. He and two collaborators had said they intended to do it around the clock for four years.

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The museum said Friday that the installation outside the museum had become “a flashpoint for violence and was disrupted from its original intent.” It added that it was proud it had launched the “engaging and thought-provoking digital art installation.”

LaBeouf was arrested last month after an altercation.

The project’s website said the museum had “abandoned the project.” It added: “The artists, however, have not.”

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2/10/2017 11:19:13 AM (GMT -5:00)