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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The Latest on legislation proposed by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper to repeal a state law limiting LGBT rights (all times local):

2:50 p.m.

A gay rights group says Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s new proposal to get rid of a North Carolina law limiting LGBT rights contains unnecessary additions and blames Republicans for failing to repeal House Bill 2.

Equality North Carolina Executive Director Chris Sgro told reporters Tuesday he doesn’t support Cooper’s repeal offer to GOP lawmakers because other parts of legislation are a distraction to throwing out the law.

The proposal includes increasing penalties for crimes committed in public restrooms and forcing local governments to give state legislators 30 days of notice before seeking ordinances covering sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sgro says Charlotte city leaders took over a year to weigh an anti-discrimination ordinance before they approved it. He says new penalties aren’t needed because LGBT people are not a public safety risk.

Equality North Carolina was one of Cooper’s strongest supporters in last year’s race for governor.


2:15 p.m.

North Carolina’s most powerful state senator isn’t impressed with legislation proposed by Gov. Roy Cooper that would repeal a state law limiting LGBT rights and which public bathrooms transgender people can use.

Cooper’s proposal would do away with House Bill 2, increase penalties for crimes in bathrooms and tell local governments seeking anti-discrimination ordinances to give legislators 30 days’ notice before doing so.

A spokeswoman for Republican Senate leader Phil Berger said Tuesday that Cooper’s proposal does nothing to address privacy concerns of women and young girls who don’t want to share restrooms and locker rooms with men.

HB2 supporters have argued letting people choose public bathrooms based on gender identity could be used as a pretense by sexual predators. The U.S. Justice Department and HB2 critics have said the threat is practically non-existent.


11:40 a.m.

North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper is proposing what he calls a compromise to repeal an LGBT law that has led to lost business expansions and sporting events.

Cooper said Tuesday the proposal does away with House Bill 2, which limits LGBT rights and directs transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates.

Cooper says the bill would increase penalties for crimes in public bathrooms and tell local governments seeking ordinances covering sexual orientation and gender identity to give legislators 30 days’ notice before doing so.

An apparent deal between Cooper and the Republican-controlled legislature to repeal HB2 fell apart in December.

House Bill 2 critics say action is needed or the state will miss out on NCAA sporting events for years.

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  1. Chance Nottaken

    I think it comes down to if you have a penis or if you don’t have a penis. If you’re a woman with a penis well you’re not a woman. Put make up on and a dress and you’re still not a woman. Women, if you have female anatomy, guess what? Yep, you got it. If you’re confused just look between your legs. Now, some have both and I hate it for them. I geuss you’re the ones with the issues about where to go to the bathroom at. I know when I go to the bathroom I do my business and get out. I don’t look around or do gender checks.

  2. Sherry Adkins

    The safety of women and children is not for sale. I want to know why the sports industry thinks they can extort every day people into doing what they want. My childrens safety will Never be for sale.

  3. Kevin Godwin

    I’m a gay man and I understand the reasoning behind a trans person using a bathroom they are comfortable with… However this opens the door up for any fool to say…. Oh… Today I feel like a woman…. So I’m using the ladies room… Just how many of you liberals would rally send their daughter to a bathroom alone and watch a man… Trans or otherwise go in behind her and not think…. I better go Check… Yeah.. None of you would. If you wouldn’t then you don’t deserve your child as you’d put your child in harms way for what, your level of acceptance? Dumbasses… Keep men in the men’s room unless a business specifically has Trans bathrooms…

    1. Vog46

      Then as a gay man you of all people should know that HB2 does NOTHING to protect our children any more then they are protected now. a Pervert would have to ring a bell, identify himself, sign in at the school, remove child from class (if he’s even on the approved list provided by the parents) then take that girl or boy to the school rest room or locker room, or shower and attack that child IN SCHOOL.
      I’m sorry but that is so outlandishly bizarre that it won’t happen.
      HB2 was feel good legislation designed to be unenforceable with no penalties attached. So what was the REAL reason for it’s passage? And it only pertained to schools and government buildings! Why not the general public? If the Legislature was THAT worried about it why not make it a CRIME? FOR ALL BUILDINGS??????
      As it stands right now a transgender person, or a pervert or a serial killer can be next to you at a store bathroom or restaurant bathroom and you wouldn’t even know it.

      Sorry but statistics show that sexual assault of a child happens in the privacy of a home and is usually committed by someone the child knows not by a trans person and certainly not in a school dressing room shower or locker room.

      1. Heimie Schmelter

        That’s a whole lot of jibber-jabber you just composed that basically says nothing and doesn’t make a dingle-drop of sense.
        Why do you continually avoid the very real potential that a pervert will pose himself as a transgender to enter women’s and young girls facilities? There’s nothing in place to prevent that at all.
        Additionally, why would ANYONE think it’s proper for a gigantic privacy change for a great majority to serve such a tiny, tiny, tiny portion of the population?
        It all stinks, it’s all stupid and if all NC voters went to the polls on this it would be shot down like a wounded sparrow 6 feet away from a shotgun muzzle!
        Men go the men’s rooms, locker rooms and showers. Ladies go to the ladies facilities! The way it’s been for 400 years
        If you have a wife, daughter and or a grand daughter which I seriously doubt you do, I highly recommend that you DO NOT allow them to see what YOU post here!

      2. Vog46

        My grand daughter is college aged and goes to school with trans gendered students and fears about them are totally un founded. What she does fear is the straight guys that could slip a date rape drug to her. Thats why she doesn’t drink (and also why she’s taken self defense classes.

        The intent of this law is simple Chris.
        Its discriminatory, pure and simple.
        It has NO PUNISHMENT to it, no enforcement to it
        So it’s MEANINGLESS
        Un less you want to discriminate.

        There are NO cases of trans gendered folks assaulting kids in school bathrooms.
        If a pervert, who feels like a women tries to get into a school to assault a kid that school system would be LIABLE, hence the added security.
        THATS why it doesn’t happen at schools or public buildings
        You have FAILED to produce ANY evidence as to why this law is needed – NONE.

        There’s NOTHING more precious then the safety of my kids and grand kids and they ARE SAFE at school prior to HB2, and will be safe after it goes away.

        HB2’s intent was to discriminate and discriminate only
        The problems are societal in nature BUT HB2 does NOTHING to address it.
        Its unnecessary UNLESS your intent was to discriminate.

        The perverts in a bathroom argument is used to stoke fear – nothing more.
        Perverts exist,- they are all around us and the law did NOTHING to prevent perverts from entering a church bathroom to assault a child there, or a store bathroom, or a restaurant bathroom.

        Sexual assault of a child does not happen in school locker rooms or bathrooms

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it.

  4. guest45

    someone that is fighting to put perverts in little girls bathrooms has a skeleton in their closet, no one would try so hard to get a law passed without a personal agenda.

    1. Vog46

      You’d be right if they were perverts but they’re not and you can’t find ONE CASE of a trans gendered person attacking a little girl in her bathroom. So all you doing is trying to do is fear monger.
      No personal agenda here, but without any laws being broken then YOUR personal agenda is discrimination.
      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      1. Johnny Priest

        Sexual perverts don’t have to be transgenders. The fear is sexual perverts can pretend to be transgenders to gain access to the bathrooms, showers and locker rooms just like the pervert did in Washington state. As the law is now perverts can be prosecuted which keeps some of them out.

        As to Cooper’s compromise, what does it mean a 30 day notice is given? Does that mean the GA can forbid the passage? What if the GA isn’t in session during the 30 days? Do they have to come back into special session or does the clock start running on the 30 days when they do come into session? There’s too many questions to make this even a good idea.

      2. Vog46

        Here’s the problem
        HB2 ONLY applied to schools and government buildings. You are fearful that a pervert would go to a school, sign in, after going through a LOCKED door THEN signing a kid out of class to go to a bathroom or school locker room to molest the kid. Are you crazy? There’s no way that would NEVER happen, and I don’t believe you can cite a case where it did happen. Schools can easily fix this with a unisex locking bathroom, as many schools have done already. So, in ALL PUBLIC spaces like Target, Home Depot and many restaurants any pervert can follow your kid in there and molest them,but I hear NO ONE complaining about that. Why? Because its too inconvenient to address the truth and that is that sexual abuse takes place typically at a home and is committed primarily by people the kids know.
        When you get serious about that let me know
        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

  5. Are Buntz

    “tell local governments seeking ordinances covering sexual orientation and gender identity to give legislators 30 days’ notice before doing so.”

    State Chartered Municipal Corporations only have the powers explicitly enumerated in the NC Constitution or NC Statute. Since the State Chartered Municipal Corporations do not currently have powers over those issues… that clause is worse than meaningless. What the Legislature should do is make an example of a few State Chartered Municipal Corporations that have assumed powers in ordinances that they do not have by revoking the Municipal Charter. The message would be quickly understand. Revoke HB2 as well since no State Chartered Municipal Corporation would pass any questionable ordinance for fear of having the Legislature revoke their Municipal Charter.

  6. Heimie Schmelter

    Keep men out of ladies and little girls restrooms, locker rooms, change rooms and showers! That’s all the “compromise” that’s needed!

    1. TR

      I am a transgender man, which means that I was raised female but identify now as a man. I love look and feel like a guy however my ID’s have not been changed yet due to insurance issues. Do you want a person who looks like a man in the men’s room or the women’s room? Right now, I work for the gov’t and I have to pee with a bunch of women. I have to pee in the women’s restroom at public spaces like the library and courts. And I have no desire to go to the women’s restroom so since HB2 I stopped going to public spaces and make sure I pee before going anywhere. Obviously I have to use the bathroom at work, but I know most of the 300 people that I share a bathroom with. I have no desire to undress in front of men or women. Transgender people are already afraid of non-transgender people. We are afraid of getting laughed at, beat up and raped– both transgender men and women.

      1. Heimie Schmelter

        Your condition is quite unfortunate and I appreciate you willingness and honesty to explain your dilemma. The problem is, you are what you are and you were born with the equipment you possess unless you’ve had surgery. The other problem is that while there may be others like you, they are a very, very small percentage of the population. Now the MAIN problem with all of this is, the simple allowance of a “man” in a females private facility is completely asinine due to the fact that, THAT privacy in itself has been in place for almost 400 years here in America. To change that privacy to accommodate the minuscule population of those like you to violate the privacy of the vast majority just doesn’t click.
        With that said, it brings to light the biggest and most problematic issue with “men” being allowed in women’s locker rooms, showers and bathrooms. It is NOT the true transgenders that people are concerned about, the concern lies with the fact that each and every pervert and pedophile out there will attempt to access women’s private facilities by merely stating, “I feel really, really feminine today!” So they enter those facilities with nothing that can be done about it. Perverts and pedophiles are already wreaking havoc on our children as it is. We simply cannot open the door for them and provide them an open range.
        As far as I’m concerned, transgenders like yourself should just go ahead and quietly use the restroom that “matches” you and remain private about it, no one will notice if you’re doing nothing wrong. Is there really this need to make such a monumental spectacle out of it and smear this crap all over the news everyday?

      2. Vog46

        Hey Chris nice doppleganger
        When you can PROVE that transgenders commit crimes come back and talk to us otherwise all you’re doing is fear mongering

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      3. Heimie Schmelter

        Either you plainly DO NOT have the capacity to read and comprehend or you’re as dense as Tungsten!

      4. Vog46

        Name calling? Now I know your Chris or his twin

      5. Heimie Schmelter

        Ummmm, you’re really falling out of your chair here sir and further proving your reduced level of comprehension. No names were called at all, only facts were stated. READ!!!

      6. guest45

        Vog most of us are not willing to gamble with the safety of our kids, we protect our kids and provide them with as safe as possible a world to grow up in, and if it means hurting people like yours feelings so be it, we do not want perverts in our ladys bathrooms, period!

        and we will also try to keep your family members safe also since you appear unwilling to do so.

      7. Vog46

        Wrong again Guest.
        Child abuse takes place primarily at home not in school bathrooms or locker rooms as they are protected there. What – a pervert is going to go to a school, SIGN IN at the door, walk past he LEO then get a kid out of class and take him/her to the bathroom and hurt the kid?
        You need to get back on your meds
        Take a look around you Guest – at your family at your friends – THOSE are the people that will MOST LIKELY hurt your kids and the HB2 law does absolutely NOTHING to prevent that.
        HB2 is unenforceable and discriminatory in its intent
        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      8. Sherry Adkins

        Teachers, coaches etc. are doing it. Just pick up any newspaper.

      9. Vog46


      10. Sherry Adkins

        They do commit sexual crimes every night in streets /bars/ bathrooms/rest stops etc. across the country. And via Prostitution as well.

    2. Vog46

      Hey Heimie – the law applied to ONLY a couple of hundred state buildings, and was uneforceable
      Next time you’re in the bathroom at your local store that person next to you MIGHT be a trans gendered person there LEGALLY!!!! Feeling scared yet?
      You shouldn’t be – there’s more child exploitation, and sexual abuse done by the clergy then there is by trans gendered people
      But let your ignorance be your guide


      1. Heimie Schmelter

        I don’t care “what” comes in next to me, I can handle it! I AM however concerned as to “what” goes into my grand daughters bathroom at school, my daughters shower at the gym and my wife’s change room at the mall!
        Ignorance isn’t my guide, but it’s evident that it’s your way of life. You evidently have no wife, no daughter or a precious grand daughter like myself. If you do, you are one very sick person and should be kept away from them! You have those “clergy” tendencies you mentioned.

      2. Vog46

        Hey Heimie Have 3 daughters and a grand daughter and know they are safer with a trans gendered in a bathroom with them than they are with a clergy man/
        As for schools? They’re locked and you need to sign in to get even your own kid out.
        Keep on fear mongering – there are NO CASES of trans gendered folks preying on children but plenty of straight folks sure do

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

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