Whiteville City Council considers plans for new City Hall


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Right now, Whiteville’s City Council members conduct business from a rented space, due to a mold infestation and foundation issues affecting their old facility.

Tonight, city leaders discussed a building proposal for a new, mold-free City Hall.

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During the meeting, which was open to the public, both citizens and city leaders expressed concerns about the project’s cost—an estimated $2 million.

Citizens also expressed concerns about what would happen to the old building.

Whiteville Mayor Terry Mann said that he and his fellow Council members value the input.

“I think the Council wants to do what’s best for the citizens in the long term. And we have to consider the tax rate and what it would cost our citizens to rebuild or remodel,” he said.

He said that the Council has not yet made a decision and plans to discuss the matter further.

When it reaches a decision, he said, he will let WWAY—and the surrounding community—know.