Dozens of boats running aground near Mason’s Inlet


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A warning for boaters tonight, the junction of Mason’s Inlet has seen an increase in the number of boats being towed out because they’re running aground.
Scott Collins of SeaTow Wrightsville Beach says he has seen more shoaling, which is a place where the water is very shallow, in the past five years after the dredging of Figure Eight.
“Well the shoaling has increased due to the fact that more water is let through the inlet after the dredging that occurred which is basically creating a delta so to speak at this junction.” Collins said.
As a result, Collins and his team have towed several boats out of the area, after getting stuck in the shallow water, especially around low tide.
He says that locals are less likely to run into these issues, the concern is those coming from out of town.
“The transients not knowing the area very well tend to have problems with the narrow channel behind me here.” Collins said.
The main area of concern is here at the ICW 121 Alpha marker.
But Collins says that you can avoid serious damage or injuries if boats slow down through this section.
“You can do a lot less damage both to the boat and the people on board if you’re travelling at a slower speed and you run aground.” Collins said.
You can find out more information on other places in the area to avoid due to shoaling by clicking here.