Chadbourn interim police chief suspended for sexual posts on Facebook


CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — A meeting about explicit material on the interim police chief’s Facebook page ended with Chadbourn police and residents arguing outside that meeting. At the town council meeting, tensions were high.

On one side of the fence, people were defending Interim Police Chief Rene Trevino, while others, including Chadbourn police officers, want to see him gone for good.

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Trevino said he was suspended from his position for sharing “humorous sexual posts” on his Facebook page. Many of the pictures were graphic, depicting sex acts, and cannot be shown on TV. The posts were deemed inappropriate by who Trevino called “higher-ups.”

The meeting was set to decide whether Trevino would be terminated from his position or if a different action would be taken.

The matter had many community members and Chadbourn Police at the meeting heated.

At the end of the meeting, town council decided not to vote on an action in regards to his posts on his Facebook page.

WWAY asked the mayor of Chadbourn and other town council members about the issue, but they would not comment.

Trevino has deleted his Facebook page. For now, his suspension will continue until further notice.