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Laney High School (Photo: Laney High School Facebook)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Laney High School administrators suspended more than 60 students this morning for leaving school.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rick Holliday says while one grade level was keying for the ACT, the rest of the student body had to go to homeroom.  Dr. Holliday says students do not have homeroom daily, only during special occasions like today.

Dr. Holliday says instead of going to homeroom, a large number of students left campus and went to McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Dollar General.

Businesses in Murrayville notified the school, so staff went and rounded up the students and called parents to come and get them.  According to school policy, once students get to campus they are not permitted to leave.

Mandi Ward, a Laney High School parent, said she doesn’t condone the students skipping school, but feels that the punishment was too harsh in this instance.

“It concerns me that they’re sending all these students home, but where were they when the students started walking towards McDonald’s?,” Ward said.

Dr. Holliday says the students were suspended for the day.


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  • Old Surfer

    Actually, I work in the school system as a certified substitute teacher and yes, they do get plenty of time to make up work. Otherwise, the little darlings would never graduate.

  • stormykitteh

    “It concerns me that they’re sending all these students home, but where
    were they when the students started walking towards McDonald’s?,” Ward
    The children know the rules they chose to violate. Staying eagle eyed for them is not necessary.

  • schrodie

    It should have been an in-school suspension. Instead, these kids just got a free day. They won’t give a rat’s patoot about getting a zero for the day. They got the day off, and to a 14-15-16-17 year old kid… that’s pretty cool. If I was the one in charge, those kids would be going to school on a Saturday and they’d be doing work at the school– picking up trash, washing lockers, sweeping floors, etc. This suspension is a freaking joke.

  • Travis Gillette

    Sounds intelligent, make them not go to school for not going to school????? We left school all the time when I was in school and it wasn’t the end of the world.

  • Christopher Roberts

    Sick punishment. Not only did they get the morning off but they got the rest of the day off as well. Good job guys. You sure did show them.

  • Cathy CC.

    Late 70’s we did this every week in Charlotte, we all managed to graduate and none of us ended up in jail. Heck one of the crowd is a judge in Charlotte now. A better punishment would have been some manual labor though.

    • Noladarling

      Late 70s is not 2017. These kids need to be in school. They need to respect what that means. In the 70s you could have a somewhat of decent life with just a high school diploma. Not anymore.

  • Jo Fraser

    If (God forbid) something had happened to any one of the students while they were away, the parent(s) would have gone after the school. Sounds like the parents are ‘whiners’.

  • voice

    Rules are in place for a reason and should be adhered for a reason. If one of those little darlings would have been hurt, then the parents would be asking where were the school teachers and officials.

  • Darrell Walker

    It wasn’t 60 students, it was more like 80 students. Can you please tell me how 80 students get off-campus and no one sees them? Where was the staff at this time? Also it has been reported that an assistant principal drove a New Hanover County school bus with no CDL license and pick up the students and brought them back on campus. Let’s talk about that and put that out there.

    • Noladarling

      If this was elementary school, I would understand your complaint but teenagers can fully comprehend that they are not to leave school grounds.

      • bob

        Schools are provided for education, not babysitting or running after kids. They can’t legally impose physical labor. It would have to be court ordered individually. I think the school was acting like they should: letting the parents know. Schools are always getting the blame when it is clearly a symptom of a family problem If the parents don’t care is that the schools fault. When kids act out they are usually calling attention to a much larger problem. This is a societal, parental red flag that parents or families need to take care of. Don’t blame the school for a problem that belongs in the home to do something.

      • Noladarling

        I don’t disagree with you at all. Guessing this is for Darrell.

  • Linda Reece

    If you live near Laney, then you know that this happens all the time. They are only enforcing it because someone complained. I’m guessing the students got rowdy at McDonalds or Taco Bell and the management got angry. The lesson? Don’t everyone go to the same place.

  • Darrell Walker

    How in the world can that many students. leave off campus and correction , it was more than 60 students ?It was close to 80 students. Also can you please tell me why would New Hanover County allow one of the Assistant principals to drive a school bus to transport these students back campus with no CDL. This is the same AP that bullies students and staff and has been charged with falsifying Federal documents and also has been taken to the count for lie detector test. I will set that right there. Can someone please look into this . This is a subject of ur own!!!!!

  • Noladarling

    What’s the problem? They should have been suspended. When you’re an adult, you can’t just leave your job. When you’re a student, going to school is your job. There are consequences to skipping. Every student knows that. I went to Laney many moons ago when Dr. Holiday was assistant principal there. Everyone knew that he didn’t play around then. Sounds like he hasn’t changed. If you don’t take school seriously maybe suspension will set you straight. Going home for the rest of the day is not excessive and makes sure parents and students alike take education seriously.

  • Luke the Kook

    Another instance of “we can do what we want.”

  • Steven Jackson

    Way to go. Give them the rest of the day off. I’ll have that punishment with a side of fries. Thanks!

    • Oceanwalk

      And a big fat Zero for grades on that day?

  • Bhs71

    Rules are rules!

  • Mary Hopkins

    I agree with the suspension. Rules are rules. If they are ignored in high school or earlier, it doesn’t speak well for future actions.

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