Happening tomorrow: ‘Sketches for Scholarships’ in Boliva


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Three Brunswick Community College students will compete for scholarships Friday from 10:00 a.m. till noon.

Michelle Cathey and Danielle Pittman are both seeking an Associate Degree in Science and Kathryn A. Hewett is seeking an Associate Degree in Nursing.  They will be drawing their way to scholarships and they need the public’s help.

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You can vote on your favorite during the same hours and those votes will determine the winner.

Monster, Coca Cola and Pepsi  join forces with the Middle River Convenience Store at the corner of Hwy 17 North and Old Ocean Hwy to bring this competition to life.

“This year is the third annual Sketches for Scholarships. Every year the artists have displayed talent and creativity which has made the competition fun and exciting,” said Hannah Holt, Director of Operations of Holt Oil.


Each student will draw their depiction of a St. Patrick’s Day theme promoting a sponsor’s product.  The winner will be selected Friday.

“Please come to the store and vote,” said Elina DiCostanzo, Director of Resource Development at BCC.