Chris Sgro of Equality NC: Proposed HB2 revisions not enough


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This week, Republicans and Democrats teamed up on a new proposal to repeal House Bill 2. If passed, the revised plan would prohibit cities and counties from regulating bathroom access in private facilities across the state.

Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro stopped by the Port City today to discuss why many groups, including his, feel that the proposed changes aren’t enough.

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Sgro said that the revision means that local towns will not be able to create rights to protect the Transgender community. If HB2 is not fully repealed, he said, it could still have a negative impact on tourism in the Wilmington area and affect businesses state-wide.

“So it’s bad for business. It’s bad for the LGBT community. They can try to couch it however they want. But we know that this isn’t real repeal. Real repeal is easy. It’s a simple piece of legislation that says, ‘HB2 is repealed.’ That’s what we need to be voting on,” he said.

WWAY reached out to several Republican lawmakers for their response. Representative Ted Davis replied, “They will not be satisfied unless there is a full repeal of HB2. A full repeal will not happen…contrary to what Governor Cooper is saying. There are not enough votes in the House to have a full repeal of HB2.”

Nevertheless, groups such as Equality NC and the NAACP are continuing to protest the bill.