Group holds Rouzer town hall without Rouzer


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some Republican lawmakers across the country are facing backlash over not holding town hall meetings, including right here in the Port City.

Members of the grassroots group Suit Up Wilmington planned their own town hall meeting Friday night and invited Rep. David Rouzer (R-7th District), but he did not show.

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Dozens of concerned citizens came out to get Rep. Rouzer’s attention and to learn more about his position on healthcare, education and the environment.

“What we actually want to do is educate people. And get some attention out there as to what his positions are and what kinds of policies we should expect from our congressman who is representing our 7th Congressional district,”  event organizer Kyle Horton said.

During the event there was a Q&A session for people to voice their opinions along with a life size cut out of Rouzer for people to write their biggest concerns.

“We love the city of Wilmington. We love the state of North Carolina. And we love the United States. And we are here to speak our voice to our representative. He is our state representative to the United States Congress, and we’re ready for him. Ready or not we’re here for him so,” concerned citizen Madeline Schildwachter said.

Rep. Rouzer did speak with WWAY Thursday about town halls, which he says he will hold later this spring.

“I’m trying to figure out exactly how to format it so that those who want to have a genuine dialog can come and have a genuine dialog, because what I have learned from my colleagues who have had town halls is that you have people who stake out the town halls for disruptive purposes,” Rouzer said.

But citizens say they just want to meet and talk and not cause problems.

“He works for us. And we hired him in November. And it’s time to work now,” Schildwachter said.

Many people urging him to work on something other then what they call special interests and business.

“Do your job. Listen to your constituents. Show up for us. Don’t just show up for your major donors, but show up for the voters,” Horton said.

The group says they would like to discuss issues like education, health care, immigration and Wilmington’s opioid epidemic among other topics with Rep. Rouzer.