Humpday Health: Sweet treats for a sweet tooth


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Who doesn’t like a sweet treat every once in a while? Some believe sweets and being healthy just don’t mix, but there is an alternative.

“Life is about balance. You have to eat well to perform well, eat well and everything about your body is about what you eat.” Charlotte Evans, owner of Cravings, said.

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That’s why Charlotte Evans started making healthy treats for people who want to find that balance in their healthy lives. Right now she’s working on healthy and sweet muffins that people can eat and not feel bad about it.

“If you’re going to eat something it might as well be wholesome; no preservatives, no artificial ingredients just wholesome ingredients.” Evans said. “They’re less than ten carbs per each, net carbs. So it’s taking out of the dietary fiber and about five to six grams of proteins in each muffin and about less than four grams of sugar all together.”

With numbers like these, Evans says that you can eat nine of these sweet treats to one traditional style muffin. It just doesn’t make sense, healthy chocolate muffins? But it’s possible. If you want to make a sweet treat like this, she will fill you in on her secret.

“You want to reduce your number of all-purpose flour, white flour and sugar. Anything that’s a refined carb, you want to reduce,” Evans said. “Complex carbs will keep you fuller longer. Have more vitamins, minerals and fibers. All of that is in complex carbs, not refined sugars.”

Three months ago Evans took her passion for making healthy treats and turned it into a job and now her kitchen is her office and she’s making these. But she says you can too.

“Well if you are truly passionate about fitness and it is your lifestyle or want to make a job out of it, or career, or side business, do it.” Evans said.

You can find these sweet treats at Grinders Coffee Cafe locations in Wilmington.