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Hundreds question Rep. David Rouzer at town hall in Brunswick County 03-06-17 (Photo: Hannah Patrick/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After weeks of requests from constituents, U.S. Representative David Rouzer held a town hall meeting in Brunswick County today.

Hundreds filed in just a week after Rouzer announced a town hall for his constituents in Southeasern North Carolina. Rouzer spent two hours answering questions from a very rowdy crowd.

Madeline Schildwachter has been posting pictures and videos on social media for weeks, asking Rouzer to come.

“I’m just trying to get a good dialogue for all the constituents, really,” Schildwachter said.

There was dialogue, but there was also lots of booing, yelling and cheering, too. Rouzer started off with a presentation about health care, for which he was applauded, but then the questions began.

“What is up for repeal is the individual mandate, and the idea behind the individual mandate is what pays for all of this. So how do you propose to pay for all of this?” the first constituent asked.

“You cannot get the very best product for the very possible price, without competition and transparency,” Rouzer replied.

One elementary school student received a standing ovation for her question.

“A lot of my friends in class are scared their parents are going to be deported,” she said. “Why do you support the travel ban?

“First of all, the President and his team, they are focused on the criminal element,” Rouzer answered.

The questions continued, addressing the subjects of environmental concerns, climate change, women’s health care, abortion, and education.

Throughout the town hall, the booing and yelling continued. However, at the end, both parties seemed to agree on one thing.

“It’s a good start,” Schildwachter said.

“I think it was perfect, though,” Rouzer said.

While many are grateful that Rouzer showed up, several still have another request.

“Sen. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, we just had a town hall with Congressman Rouzer, and it went very well. Do you have at least as much courage and concern as they do?”

“Come on down!”

Rouzer told constituents that he is very busy, but he thinks it is important to listen to them. He plans on having more town halls in the future. He said this was his fourteenth of fifteenth town hall this year.


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  • BanterLantern

    I’m sure you were saying it to those filthy Tea Party thugs who spend 8 years burning effigies, putting up pictures of Hitler, and screaming.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      ??? Guess I don’t watch CNN like you do…

      • BanterLantern

        I guess you don’t open your eyes like I do. I haven’t had cable, or even broadcast news for almost 9 years.

  • P. Van Kirk

    Clearly, the GOP is hiding out…but it’s HUGE mistake to not be in touch
    with ones constituency if you plan on another term. Good management
    doesn’t always start at the top when your reputation is on the line.

    • guest45

      I really wouldn’t associate Rouzer with the GOP, he is a RINO, not a conservative, we really didn’t get much of a change from the last rep, the GOP has got to do a better job of choosing candidates.

  • Old Surfer

    Brunswick is not the only county things like this go on. My county, we are the “rural, country folk” part of the county and the northern end gets everything.

  • Old Surfer

    Only if the Clintons answer the same questions.

    • Patsy Sheppard

      The Clintons are now private citizens, and have already been investigated extensively. If Trump is innocent, there should be nothing to find and nothing to fear.

      • Old Surfer

        Agreed, but these days, the “Court of Public Opinion” seems to have more influence than any “evidence”. Sad, isn’t it

      • Vog46

        New scandals different victims.
        America loves a juicy scandal !! It’s White House reality TV…

      • guest45

        the Clintons are far from innocent private citizens

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