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Mother records cars passing stopped bus on Carolina Beach Road and Windgate Drive (Photo: Allison Coleman)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After a New Hanover County mom spoke out about drivers flying by her daughter’s stopped school bus, she’s seeing results.

Allison Coleman began recording drivers who passed the stopped school bus on Carolina Beach Road.

This week, she watched as three cars passed the bus, but waiting up ahead was a NC State Trooper. Coleman recorded the trooper pulling out behind the cars that drove by the bus.

Coleman says she’s definitely seeing an increase in patrols by both the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and NC Highway Patrol.

While ideally she’d like to see the school bus stop moved to inside the neighborhood, she’s happy with the increased patrols, knowing the drivers will face points on their driver license and insurance.


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  • Kimberly O’Hara

    Kudos to this mom! As a former bus driver it’s a tremendous responsibility and the last thing you need is some thoughtless person running the stop arm. Stop, wait and possibly save a life.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    I’ve seen a new device being used on some of the buses. Instead of just a flashing stop sigh that folds out on the drivers side, it is on an extension so that if a car passes the bus it will damage the car AND the bus, but that should at least cause the car to stop and be held accountable. Will likely cause a few accidents as well.

  • guest45

    what I would like to see discontinued is the flashing yellow lights until the bus comes to a stop and then they start flashing followed by the reds, as petty as it sounds most people have stopped when the bus is slowing with yellow flashing only to have the bus drive by them, should have never been designed to create confusion, this in itself leads some to end up going by a stopped busl, I do not believe people will intentionally run a bus stop sign.

    I used to drive a bus and we were told to check and make sure traffic was coming to a stop before throwing the sign.

  • Johnny Priest

    So I bought a dash cam for $20. It works well. Maybe school buses need to be equipped with them to record cars that pass illegally. Front and back would show who was driving and hopefully capture the license plate. Then prosecute them.

    • conservative

      Some of the school buses have a camera on the stop sign that swings out to capture/film cars that don’t stop.

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