Teacher of the Week: Joshua Bailey


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Broadway musical ‘Hamilton‘ stretches it’s influence all the way to the classroom of Joshua Bailey at Cape Fear Middle School.

It helps him teach Social Studies to his 9th graders.  “It’s just awesome to see them get engaged in dead founding fathers that they wouldn’t normally,” he says, “it has really opened up the door for them.”

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As Mr. Bailey gets his students ready for the challenges of high school he wants them to know life is about “independence and learning to trust themselves and take risks.”

‘Hamilton’ is not the only thing that inspires Mr. Bailey, his students do as well.

“I don’t think,” he says, “that I leave this building every day without going I can’t believe I heard a student say that.  They already have such a great grasp of what it means to be good people.”

When asked what his best piece of advice is for all students, Mr. Bailey says “find what you’re passionate about and chase it no matter what the consequences may be.”