3rd annual US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship on Saturday


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Everyone loves a good bike ride, right? What if your bike tires were four inches wide and you rode on sand?

Well that’s exactly what racers will experience tomorrow at the us open fat bike beach championship.

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This is the third year of the competition here at Wrightsville Beach. Race organizer, Shawn Spencer, says he’s been busy planning everything.

“The planning is pretty extensive. It takes about a year of planning…sponsors, drawing those guys in, setting up all the event logistics…,” Spencer said.

There are three races on the sand, but no one knows yet what the course is like.

“The fun part of this specific styled event is you can’t build the course until the morning of the race, so nobody knows exactly what the course is going to consist of until they show up that morning,” Spencer said.

Racers, like Jonathan Dubel, aren’t worried about the obstacles because of the practice they’ve put in.

“A lot of the guys that’ll be out there, we do this as a fun event but we train between four to six days a week for a lot of other types of bicycle racing. so we stay in pretty good shape, so i feel pretty good,” Dubel said.

Dubel hopes a big crowd will come and more people will learn about fat bikes.

“Its kind of a go anywhere kind of a bike, it opens up a whole realm of possibilities of where you can go and where you can ride that you can’t go with any other type of bike,” Dubel said.

Over 70 racers will be competing tomorrow in multiple events, but only one can get the gold in each one.