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ANGIER, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s NAACP chapter is protesting the pending deportation of a pregnant woman back to the violent Central American country she left as a teenager.

Multiple media organizations reported that the civil-rights organization is taking up the cause of 33-year-old Lillian Cardona-Perez, a wife and mother of four.

North Carolina NAACP president William Barber and other ministers urged elected officials to intervene in the case during a vigil late Saturday in Harnett County.

Cardona-Perez says she has a work permit that is valid through October. She has a hearing Thursday before U.S. immigration officials in Charlotte and can be sent back to Guatemala if her hearing is denied.

WRAL reports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement has not responded to questions about the woman’s deportation case.

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  • Old Surfer

    does she have a husband? Are her children US citizens? Will her children be deported, also? If she has been here since a teenager, why hasn’t she applied for citizenship? So many questions. Any answers?

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Uh…no Fog, I’m not a criminal by any means of even YOUR imagination. I’ve just listened to conversations, I know people, fully understand how the game works and how it has worked for decades now. I’ve been “saying something” for years now. “They” know what has been happening and have been totally disinterested in taking action. Thus, the reason we have 14 MILLION of illegals leaching off of America today!
    Here’s your educational tidbit for the day, you seem to be starving: “See Something, Say Something” is a national program to heighten the general population’s awareness of potential TERRORIST activity that may result in the death or injury of American citizens.

    • Vog46

      So its totally baseless like most of your posts right?
      You KNOW People?
      No you don’t Heinie.
      If you KNOW someone is breaking the law you should report especially if you’re so “afraid” of their employees committing terrorist attacks here.
      Nah you just hung yourself out to dry.

      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Hahahahaaa! “Honor system with the IRS!” You said a FUNNY!!! Careful, Fog may really believe that!

  • Heimie Schmelter

    I know far too many developers, builders and contractors that pay their illegals under the table. It saves them from keeping Workman’s Comp., unemployment insurance, paying FICA and reporting taxes. It goes on by the millions as they stuff their pockets full! Only ONE example and only the tip of the iceberg!
    Oh…uh let me guess, you probably REALLY believe they pass that savings on the home buyers too, right? WAKE UP FOG!!! You’re back in Kansas! You were having a dream!
    Now, there’s a BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • BooBooBaby

    Deport her before she gives birth to yet another Anchor Baby Welfare Leech!

  • Johnny Priest

    What did she do to bring attention to herself to ICE? Knowing Angier I can assure everyone that she’s not the only illegal alien there so she did something but what. I think we need to know that before we rush to judgement as to whether she should be deported.

    • Heimie Schmelter

      If she’s here illegally, she needs to go. What part of “illegal” confuses you? She’s been farming babies since the age of 15 at the American taxpayers expense.

      • Vog46

        She’s got a work permit, that makes her legal.
        she also apparently pays taxes as she’s got to spend her paycheck to live.
        Let her stay until the work permit expires – and look at who her employer is.
        (Maybe she was the house keeper for our Secretary of Commerce – oh wait – she was an Illegal).

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      • Heimie Schmelter

        You have no idea “how” she’s paid or “what” she does with her money, that’s total speculation on your part. I’ve never heard of 15 yr work permits either. It’s quite unlikely she’s paid for ANY insurance to cover all of the births she has under her belt (or OTHER medical expenses). You and I paid for those with our tax money, not hers.

      • Vog46

        Most workers require a firm job offer and certification by the Department of Labor before the government will grant a work visa. Highly skilled scientists, artists, executives or researchers can apply without a specific job offer if they plan to keep working in the United States. Foreigners willing to invest at least $500,000 into U.S. business ventures can also apply for a visa. If the government approves the visa application, it issues a Permanent Resident Card, the “green card” that qualifies immigrants to remain in the country as long as they wish.

        Tax Law
        Once an immigrant receives her green card, she becomes a “tax resident” who must report wages, salary, bonuses, commissions and any other compensation to the IRS. The same applies to interest, dividends, rental property, royalties and other income. She must also pay tax on any income she earns overseas while a U.S. resident. If she worked in the United States as a nonresident alien before getting the green card, that income might also be taxable, depending on how long she resided in the country.

        If you employee immigrants, you take withholding for income tax, Social Security and Medicare out of their paychecks as you would for any other employee. The standard IRS rules apply whether they’re earning a salary, hourly wages or tips. Nonresident aliens pay a higher withholding rate, so your immigrant workers must file a W-9 form to confirm their status and ensure you take out the right amount. If you fail to withhold tax, you are subject to the same penalties as with U.S. citizens.

        Nonimmigrant Workers
        Foreign employees who work for you under a temporary visa are also “tax residents” if they pass the IRS’s substantial-presence test. If the worker spent 183 days in the United States in a three-year period, with at least 31 days in the third year, you have to withhold taxes. The IRS spells out multiple exceptions and special cases for nonresident workers, all listed in publication 519.”

        Speculation? Hardly – what you are IMPLYING is that agents for the IRS and McCrory’s Revenue department have been asleep at the wheel while this women filed for her card every 123 days (and paid a fee of over $400 each time unless her employer paid it for her)
        You are stretching the truth to suit your narrative
        YOU are the one speculating
        And its also why I said and look at her employer too

        unaffiliated and darned proud of it
        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

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