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AUSTIN, TX (AP) — A Texas lawmaker is making a point about legislation that restricts women’s access to health care and abortions by proposing to fine men $100 when they masturbate.

Alongside the penalty for wasting semen not resulting in a pregnancy, state Rep. Jessica Farrar’s bill would require a “medically unnecessary digital rectal exam” before any man undergoes a vasectomy or can be prescribed Viagra.

The 11th term Democrat tells the Houston Chronicle that her bill mimics how a woman seeking an abortion is forced by Texas law to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound, which “has nothing to do with her health care.”

She says while some people think it’s funny, her bill highlights the obstacles women face “that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access health care.”

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  • Chance Nottaken

    At 18 my girlfriend had an abortion. At 47 I have four kids. I’m often haunted by that decision. I wonder how women feel later in life. Vasectomies are reversible btw.

  • Old Surfer

    How many taxpayer dollars were wasted while this nonsense goes through the legislature?

  • Vog46

    Planned parenthood is funded through various state projects.
    “Initially, the Hyde Amendment only affected funding for abortions under Medicaid, a state and federal health program for low-income individuals. Because it is reauthorized annually as an attachment to the appropriations bill for HHS, the Hyde Amendment’s reach also includes the Indian Health Service, Medicare, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. In addition, language similar to that in the Hyde Amendment has been incorporated into a range of other federal programs that provide or pay for health services to women including: the military’s TRICARE program, federal prisons, the Peace Corps, and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also included a provision that applied similar abortion coverage limitations to plans that are sold through the Marketplace for women who receive federal income-based subsidies to purchase private health insurance.

    Because Medicaid is jointly funded by the federal and state governments, states can choose to pay for abortions under Medicaid in other instances, but must use their own revenues, and not federal funds, to cover the service. Currently, 17 states have a policy directing the use of their own funds to pay for abortions for low-income women insured by Medicaid beyond the Hyde limitations, 11 of which provide coverage as the result of a court order (Figure 1).2

    Whats the matter too many dots to connect???

    I’ll try to simplify things in the future Heinie

    Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

  • Old Surfer

    But PP does such an excellent job of providing mammograms. No, wait they don’t do mammograms. Well, there is prenatal care… No wait, they don’t do that either. Then what do they do? Almost a thousand abortions a day. Paid for by the taxpayers while as a non-profit earning roughly $128,000,000 a year. Many for-profit companies would like a profit margin like that.

  • Heimie Schmelter

    “that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access health care.” I didn’t realize that “abortions” were considered women’s “healthcare”. I always thought abortion was the convenient killing of a new life so the woman wouldn’t be “inconvenienced” by it. “Convenience” doesn’t have anything to do with “healthcare” at all! Perhaps “women’s healthcare” is the PC method to describe the abortion of babies that aren’t wanted?

    • Vog46

      As a Christian I couldn’t agree more but as a pragmatist I have to admit the Christianity’s aversion to pregnancy PREVENTION is hypocritical as they abhor abortion.
      Bristol Palin showed abstinence to be a pipe dream…
      I’d sure like to think we could improve the morals of this country but I have to temper that will the realization that Christians DO NOT rule the U.S. – we should live by Christian morals but our laws are secular.
      Abortion is the law of the land for now.
      I’d rather see a person go to Planned Parenthood to PREVENT pregnancy rather than terminate a pregnancy

      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      • Old Surfer

        Christianity’s aversion to pregnancy prevention appears to be the creation of the liberal left. Some have all but said Christians would like to outlaw just about all BC. As for PP, they don’t make large profits from BC, their big money is in abortion. A “non-profit” that gets $500,000,000 of the taxpayer’s money every year while making about $128,000,000 a year profit. But you did post a good thought-provoking post.

      • Vog46

        Planned Parenthood uses no federal money for abortions. That was the result of the hyde amendment from the 70s to 80s.
        My statement about Christians is based upon so called Christian organizations and company’;s that spout off Christian values objecting to Obamacare having birth control covered !! Most private insurers do cover birth control. Sure a convent does not need birth control, but the Diocese may need birth control for the lay people that work for the diocese.
        Birth control is a pragmatic answer to abortion – prevent the pregnancy in the first place. The Rhythm method doesn’t work and Christian youth all over the world don’t practice abstinence.
        Of course Christianity also calls for wealth redistribution and help for the needy.


  • Old Surfer

    Time and the taxpayer’s money wasted by this idiot. The purpose of the ultrasound is to show women that they have a baby inside them,not a “clump of cells”. Then, maybe they can make a more reasoned decision on whether to abort or not.

    • Vog46

      the term idiot is right.
      Kinda like the Florida Governor who spent OVER $250M thats a quarter BILLION dollars using outside lawyers fighting laws the courts ruled unconstitutional.
      Even after being told the state would lose….

      Wasting money is the ONLY bipartisan thing politicians do

      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

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