Teacher of the Week: Breanna Lodato


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Mistakes are proof you’re trying and smiles are contagious. Those are the two mottos of teacher of the week, Breanna Lodato.

Ms. Lodato teaches fifth grade at Parsley Elementary school. One of her nominations said we would not be disappointed if we made the trip to the school in Wilmington.

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She says the students make her job easy, adding “They come to school every day with a sense of humor and a passion for learning so I couldn’t really ask for anything more.”

As they get ready to move on she wants them to remember, “The first thing is that if they work hard they can get anywhere in life. No matter what grade is on a test if you work hard and you have a passion for things you’re gonna go far in life.”

She ends with, “I just want them middle school and high school can be tricky and I want them to keep that passion and love for learning and be a life learner.”