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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new proposal for a senior living community off of Masonboro Loop Road in Wilmington has several residents concerned.

“About ten days ago I received a letter informing me that the Lutheran Church organization wants to put a senior living facility right across the street,” resident, Michael O’Day said.

With the new proposal for what is being called Trinity Landing, residents are concerned the traffic will only get worse.

“That means there will be more traffic on this street and it’s a quite residential street. And the next street over. The next street over is a big concern because there is a lot of little kids on that. And you fear for their safety,” O’Day said.

Lutheran Services Carolinas says the land proposed for Trinity Landing was donated to the organization years ago in hopes of developing a living community for seniors.

The organization would have to rezone the area adjacent to the University of North Carolina Wilmington Center for Marine Science on Masonboro Loop Road from residential to an exceptional design zone.

O’Day says he is not against the idea just where it is being proposed.

“Senior facilities are needed. Heck I may end up in one myself in the not so distant future. But there are plenty of areas that are already zoned for that. And it’s just as easy to acquire that property even if they do a property swap,” O’Day said.

According to Lutheran Services Carolinas:

‘Plans are currently to build 200 apartments. In the first phase of the construction, LSC plans to build nine villas, with six to eight apartments each, and 70 additional apartments. The site will feature walking trails, a beauty shop, and a general store that will be open to the public. A dining room and bistro will also be open to neighborhood residents.’

Neighbors say aside from increased traffic from the potential facility another big issue would be drainage in the area.

“We don’t need the additional drainage problems,” resident, Barry Turano said. “This community just spent $6,800 to have our ditches redone to try and help the drainage. We would get a moderate rain and we would flood out. Now you’re going to add more to that drainage.”

New Hanover County Planning Director Chris O’keefe says LSC has not applied to rezone yet. In order to do so they have to hold two community meetings which have been scheduled March 22nd and 23rd.

In response to further concerns, LSC President Ted Goins released the following statements:

“We understand that it’s natural for neighborhood residents to be curious about our plans for Trinity Landing, and for some to have concerns,” Goins said. “But just as Trinity Grove has been a tremendous addition to the community, Trinity Landing will likewise be a wonderful neighbor. We plan to approach the development of the land for this senior living community — which was Mrs. Crumpler’s dream — in a way that is both friendly to the environment and respectful of the neighbors.”

“Trinity Landing will be largely self-contained, with most services for residents available on site. Those who live there will be 60 and older and would typically not be driving during peak traffic hours. Our plans include the addition of a turning lane that will benefit not only Trinity Landing residents but the rest of the neighborhood as well.”


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