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Brunswick County Abandoned Boat
An abandoned boat sits in the water near the bridge at Holden Beach on March 21, 2016. People who live and work in the area say it had been abandoned for almost four years. (Photo: Alexa Block/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After years of work, the Brunswick County Commissioners passed the abandoned boat ordinance.

Captain Mose Highsmith of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office was the person designated to draft the boat ordinance several years ago.

The plan regulates the docking and anchoring of boats in the county and prohibits them from being abandoned.

Captain Highsmith says that the abandoned boats have been a major problem in the area and this decision is the right one.

“Well there’s been a need recognized for the last couple years that there is a growing number of boats that have been left in various areas of the county,” Highsmith said. “They become either obstacles to navigation or they sink in place and become somebody’s problem to deal with.”

Captain Highsmith says the decision tonight came with very little discussion as the change needed to happen.

Captain Highsmith says that the job is not done.

It’s up to his team to enforce the laws to make the change for the area.


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  • guest45

    go after the captain that parked it there, and then the owners or heirs of the boat, let them get their mess cleaned up, go up the Shallotte River and you will see more, also the Lockwood River, the entrance to Bluewater Point and all the way up to Southport, then also needed to be included in this bill is piers and docks in bad repair, most of these owners just abandon their piers and let them rot and float off one piece at a time doing a lot of damage to others personal property, it is time that people clean up after themselves, developers are just as bad. We’ll see how this goes over. And do not end up paying people to clean this up that allowed it to happen in the first place.

    • Vog46

      The heirs? That boat is probably worthless sitting under water all this time.
      The heirs may have had NOTHING to do with that vessel as well

      Thas a stretch

      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

  • Heimie Schmelter

    Normally, the USCG will track down the owner of vessels that sink and hold them responsible for all salvage costs, pollutant resolution costs from oils and fuel to include very stiff fines. Don’t understand why new laws are needed when there are mechanisms already in place.

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