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SALISBURY, N.C. (AP) – Police in North Carolina say a woman faces second-degree murder charges after allegedly injecting a teen with nonmedical silicone in a plastic surgery procedure at her home.

Salisbury police tell local media outlets that 42-year-old Kavonceya Iman Cornelius turned herself in Monday after warrants were issued.

According to police, an investigation showed 19-year-old Eugene Jones II went to Cornelius’ home for silicone injections. Investigators say Jones went back to Fayetteville, where he died from the procedure on Jan. 12.

Police were later notified that an out-of-state victim who received similar injections is now experiencing health problems.

Cornelius is being held in the Rowan County jail without bond. It’s not known if she has an attorney, but she is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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  • Heimie Schmelter

    Looking at those lips, I’d say she’s been doing a little experimenting on herself! Hope there’s a good doctor in prison!

  • ssharp

    Some kind of stupid!


    Ooooops…. Shhhh-HE did it again…. yet another so-called “transgender” fraudulent surgeon who murdered his/her tranny friend to gain fake breasts. This man, MR. Cornelius, nor his patients, still has XY chromosomes and will never be a woman no matter how much injecting, slicing, dicing, cutting, or sauteeing he does. Another so-called transgender fake Dr. from Atlanta (“Deanna” Roberts) murdered his friend (“Lateasha” Shuntel also with illegal injections. The liberal media keep trying to cram it down our throats the lie that they were “women”. Chromosomes don’t lie- but the liberal mob does.

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