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Donald Trump wiretap

WASHINGTON (AP) – The chairman of the House intelligence committee says President Donald Trump’s communications may have been “monitored” during the transition period as part of an “incidental collection.”

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told a news conference Wednesday that the communications appear to be picked up through “incidental collection” and do not appear to be related to the ongoing FBI investigation into Trump associates’ contacts with Russia. He says he believes the intelligence collections were done legally.

Nunes says the communications of Trump associates were also picked up, but he did not name those associates. He says the monitoring mostly occurred in November, December and January.

Nunes says he learned of the collection through “sources” but did not specify those sources.

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  1. VoiceOfReason

    Nunes provided ambiguous information (“may have been monitored”, unnamed associated who were monitored, and a product of “sources” he chose not to name). Whether a Trump fan or not, the Chairman of House Intelligence (regardless of party) needs to vigorously ensure that the truth comes out – whether that truth is favorable to Trump or not.

    BTW – with his disclosure, did Nunes “leak” classified information?

    1. Vog46

      could be but I’m not the arbiter of that


  2. guest45

    Score another victory for TRUMP, like him or not, when he says something no matter how the left triy’s to twist it, it is the truth, so now, he was “tapped”! No matter for what reason he was “tapped!!!!!” and that is what he claimed.

    This last administration used the constitution for toilet paper, they twisted the laws to suit their agenda, from the IRS to the DOJ, thank you President Trump for coming forward. PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST! what a novel idea.

    1. Vog46

      Believe what yo want but thats not what Nunes implies.
      Quit your bromance with Trump Guest.
      Nunes just decimated the independence of the investigation by informing trump of the information.

      Trumps capaign was in CO-ORDINATION with the RUSSIANS – you know? Our SWORN enemies?
      This is like the FBI looking at Huma Abedeen’s and Anthoney Weiner’s computers because the were relevant to another investigation
      Let the investigation go where it takes them
      Drip – Drip- Drip – Drip – Drip – Drip – Drip – Drip
      if it takes down Trump fine, if not fine but let them do their jobs
      Nunes should resign effective immediately as chair of the intel committee for this bone headed move

      Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      1. Heimie Schmelter

        Nunes did what he HAD to do! Otherwise, Trump was going to blow the lid off the whole pot and Nunes knew that! Nunes self admitted before enduring the extreme embarrassment of exposure by Trump. Next task, put the “leakers” in prison for committing felonies against our national security interests!
        I take it your a bit slow on strategy?

      2. Vog46

        blow the lid off what?
        Trump has no idea whats going on
        claimed Trump tower was wire tapped
        A LIE
        ACCUSED a former president of treasonous activity
        A LIE
        Let the chips fall hey may
        A Lie by Trump is no different than a lie by Clinton or a lie by BUSH

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of i

      3. Heimie Schmelter

        So YOU think Trump thought Barry himself performed the wiretap? Seriously?Barry couldn’t “wire” his way out of a chicken coop! Hahahahhahhahahaaa! How gullible you are and and elementary it is to mislead you! CNN can do that to some though…tsk, tsk, tsk…
        I took it as someone in the Obama administration is who he was accusing. But, hey! They don’t call you “Fog” for nothing!

      4. Vog46

        Not at all Heinie but keep a tryin
        Trump said Obama ORDERED it which of course he did not
        TRUMPS a LIAR
        The fact that you defend this clown so arduously indicates you have a problem with effective analysis of candidates
        Trumps in way over is head and doesn’t know how to act Presidential

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

      5. guest45

        Trump has done nothing to hurt this country, he is one of the few that actually “loves” AMERICA and what it stands for, you can see it in his values, in the way he treats people, and the way he has raised his family and the respect that his family shows others, that really upsets the liberals and demo rats, socialist, and communist of the world,

        to think that AMERICA can be independent and self sustaining seems to bother a lot of American citizens, yaw better be getting over it, we the non brain dead are willing to stand up, as evidenced by this election, nothing the left can do but keep soliciting illegal and brain dead people to vote for their cause, We are going to keep showing up at the voting booths and eventually we will get better people in office, Trump was just the first of many good people willing to serve.

        Washington has been nothing but a bunch of career self serving politicians forever and government employees and hand out recipients and illegals keeping them in power, times are changing, enjoy the ride for the sake of saving the young people.

        Oh and why you are studying remember Donna Brazile, giving Hillary the questions before the debate? or Lynch meeting Clinton on a tarmac to end his wife’s investigation, the one that would have probably put her in pinstripes?

        want to watch the world come tumbling down, look at the things and people that Obama’s and Clinton’s have appointed and see what kind of legacy they have left behind. Take a look at Timothy Geithner for one, you people are unbelieveable.

        Thank you President Trump, putting AMERICANS FIRST! (what a novel idea)

      6. Vog46

        Hillary is no more
        Bill is no mare
        Everything now is focused on Trump!
        The election is over !!!
        There are NO MORE comparisons.
        The investigation should and will run its course over the next 12 to 16 months putting it right square in the middle of mid terms.
        If Trump is charged? Uh-oh.

        Unaffiliated and darned proud of it

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