Leland residents concerned about ‘No Parking’ signs


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — New “No Parking” signs in a Brunswick County town have some residents revved up.

In the last month, the signs have popped up across Leland.

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“We woke up one morning probably last week. Maybe Wednesday. And they were there. All of them. All the ‘No Parking’ signs,” concerned resident Jeremy Burleson said.

Some residents aren’t too happy about it.

Dozens of signs were placed in neighborhoods like Picket Ridge and on Sue Circle.

Some even placed in people’s front yards.

“We do a lot in this neighborhood to take care of our front yards and keep everything looking good,” one resident said. “And now we got these ugly signs right here.”

Town Manager David Hollis said they are trying their best to stay out of people’s yards.

“We’re trying to place those at lot lines so that they’re not directly in front of somebody’s house or something,” Hollis said. “It’s not always possible because there’s a lot of things underground that you can’t see which makes a sign move one way or another.”

Aside from placement, other concerns include the number of signs there are, where their guests will park and why now.

“I don’t understand why these signs are put up,” a resident said. “And especially 7 of them for such a small neighborhood. And there was no notice given and how you can just go up in someone’s front yard and stick a sign there. It makes zero sense to me.”

Hollis said for the past decade, the Town of Leland has had a no parking ordinance.

They’ve just now been able to approve the signs with this year’s budget.

As for guest parking, Hollis said residents can apply for permits.

Hollis said people upset with the signs have begun removing them. He said that is illegal and police will begin charging people.

Hollis added the signs will be placed across the entire town.