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Jason Freeman Southport Police
Ofc. Jason Freeman died in a car accident Sunday March 12, 2017. (Photo: Southport Police Department/Facebook)

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — A Southport Police officer was driving 100 mph when he crashed his cruiser, according to a report from the NC Highway Patrol.

Jason Freeman, of Supply, died in the crash around 5 a.m. March 12 in the 1200 block of Stone Chimney Road. It’s still unknown why Freeman was driving his cruiser in that area at that time. Freeman was not on duty at the time of the crash.

According to the report, alcohol is suspected, but investigators do not believe Freeman was impaired. Sgt. Eric Harris said toxicology results have not yet been released.

“Basically the totality of the circumstances at the scene, the investigation, the observation of the vehicle and the deceased and there are telltale signs if somebody has alcohol in their system from the collision and without getting into all those details, the trooper does suspect there was alcohol,” Harris said.

Highway Patrol had previously said Freeman was exceeding the 55 mile per hour speed limit ran off the road, hit a mailbox then hit a ditch and spun back up into the road.

A 911 caller said, “It’s smashed. It is completely… it looks like a tin can.”

Freeman had been with the Southport Police Department for less than a year.

Law enforcement officers from across the state turned out for his funeral earlier this month.


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  • Jack

    Someone needs to be fired in Southport. Better supervision on city property is needed. Police Cruiser are not personal toys of cops. These are very expensive property of the municipalities. Every mile driven is a mile the vehicles comes closer to be decommissioned. This cost the tax payers money.

    • Robert Willis

      First of all, you know nothing! This officer was not being irresponsible in any way shape or form. he was off duty and have been prescribed sleep medication. While I haven’t spoken to anyone absolutely in the know as to the circumstances I can almost guarantee you he was asleep driving. if you don’t think that is possible, check out the effects of Ambien. I know for a fact that it will make you do weird things… Things you know nothing about doing until someone tells you about them or you wake up while you doing them. I have have helped move 500 pound tool boxes and not remembered doing it. woken up sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal.

    • guest45

      tell that to Caswell Beach, I pass one of their cars every morning coming out of shallotte headed north as I am heading south on Hwy 17

  • Concerned Dad

    5 am, 100 mph, in his cruiser, don’t know why he was in that area….. sad situation.

    I bet the toxicology report will not be good. Drunk driving will get you.

  • Connie Vaughn

    Everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions…He was a hero to those of us who knew him. Please be more considerate when making comments.

    • scrod

      Maybe our heros need more support, better training, and more oversight. There have been a lot of wrecks involving patrol cars in the area lately.

      • Gary Anderson

        There is a bunch of corrupt crooks that have come to town to connect with the already corrupt here. People be on alert! These group of corrupt individuals are attempting to elude on a local and federal level. Do your research of the major metro cities in the US. They are infecting our infrastructures and government agencies; hell even intercepting communications to the proper authorities.

      • cheese101

        Check your foil hat.

      • guest45

        these cars and uniforms should be left at the station at the end of the night, there is no excuse for an officer to drive their vehicle home, those are the same one’s that pass you in the morning running 100plus to get back to their district, and these car’s should be shared, we do not need all the vehicles we the taxpayer are getting stuck with

        just think, if hadn’t died he would have been promoted, it makes me really mad to think that this officer could have crashed into my vehicle and killed my entire family, makes my blood boil!

    • cheese101

      Don’t use the mistakes word when describing choices people make. Stick with bad decisions and unfortunately he paid with his life for his.

    • Don Adkins

      Just because he has a magic suit and a tin badge does not make him a hero….

  • Don Adkins

    See he was NOT the friggin hero everyone said he was…..bet you stupid pigs feel stupid showing up to his funeral….NOT A HERO JUST A DRUNK IDIOT

    • cheese101

      Anger much?

      • Don Adkins

        No the truth

      • cheese101

        The truth that you are angry?

    • Old Surfer

      Tell that to the man he rescued from the Cape Fear River. I do not understand you cop haters, too many speeding tickets, busted for smoking pot, next time you have a problem, you get robbed, your house gets burglarized, you going to call a hoodlum?

      • Heimie Schmelter

        DA is a keyboard commando! Amazing how he has the audacity to publicly disparage a dead man AND his family. But this is the way of the criminal mind. They fought with the law all of their life because of being a criminal, so the all LEO’s are their arch enemy!

      • cheese101

        Most of the cop haters either have low self-esteem or they tried to be an officer but failed. I really don’t give them much creditability.

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