One more Final Four for Wilmington’s Stilman White, what a way to go out


PHOENIX, AZ (WWAY) — Wilmington’s Stilman White one day will have quite the story to tell his children and grandchildren. No kids yet, but it will be a good tale and it will conclude this weekend at the Final Four in Phoenix. Either White will come up short at the Final Four or he’ll win a national championship on Monday night. It’s that simple in regard to the Hoggard High graduate.  “I am just trying to absorb it more,” White said on Thursday in Phoenix. “I can’t tell you how stressful I was at the end of that game when Kentucky tied it, even more than the national championship game last year because I know that there’s no next season for me. I know that at any moment that any game could be the very last game of my basketball career which is something I have basically done for my whole life. I am really trying to enjoy this one more and soak in the experience. I have my camera out at all times to record every experience.”

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