Bathrooms causing delay for new restaurants at Pier 33 in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City planners will be discussing a way to help new restaurants at Pier 33 in downtown Wilmington open before the Wells Fargo Championship at a meeting this week.

The restaurants have been delayed from opening for more than six months. City planners say the delay comes from a lack of public bathrooms. This issue was first discussed at a council meeting in August 2015. According to agenda minutes, the developer, Chuck Shoninger, requested that the city consider a change of location or another option for the public restrooms to which he committed.

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Council member Kevin O’Grady responded in favor of what Shoninger was doing with the development, but expressed concern about the bathroom.

“The restrooms are an obligation that need to be honored and will also benefit the restaurants,” O’Grady said.

Vida and Black Finn were supposed to open at the end of last summer, but never did.

Wilmington Planning Director Glenn Harbeck said it has been a challenge to get the developers to build the bathrooms. Harbeck said the developer wants to be open for the Wells Fargo Championship in early May.

Harbeck said the planning commission will vote Wednesday night on a temporary solution for that event with the understanding the developers will have a permanent solution.