Queen Azalea tours the Port City


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Crowned one day, hitting the road the next, Queen Azalea Kira Kazantsev had a busy day Thursday.

“It’s really fun to be the Queen. I have to say. You know they take such good care of you. But it comes with a lot of responsibility so we’re definitely working hard. We’re going from stop to stop,” Queen Kira said.

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Her first stop was at Parsley Elementary School where hundreds of excited students welcomed her. The queen was escorted inside accompanied by dancers and beautiful decorations.

After that, students from each grade performed songs for Queen Kira. It was a warm welcome she says she won’t soon forget.

“I’ve visited many schools. And over the past two years. As a local title holder, as Miss New York, as Miss America but I’ve never seen a welcome like this,” Queen Kira said.

The Queen’s next stop, a celebrity luncheon at the Cape Fear Country Club. Followed by a trip to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where she brought a sparkle to several patients’ day.

“Those are the moments that matter most. Those are the things that put life into perspective. We’re all here for a reason and it’s to bring happiness and joy to all the people of Wilmington,” Queen Kira said.

Also with Queen Kira Thursday, celebrity and gold medalist Jordyn Wieber.

“If I can ya know come in and meet them. And hopefully put one smile on their face and make their day I’d love to do that. And so it’s been really special to visit the kids here,” Wieber said.

That is exactly what they did, made patients smile and gave them a break from hospital life.

“It’s very beneficial,” patient, Hayden Karnes said. “I think any kind of good energy like that helps the kids out and does a lot of good things for them. It’s much better than just laying in the bed and staring at the wall ya know.”

A very busy day for Queen Kira but one many across the Cape Fear will not forget.

“It’s cool. I got to meet a gold medalist athlete. I’ve never done that before. Got to meet Miss North Carolina and Miss America. And all that it’s just so exciting,” Karnes said.

Queen Azalea’s last stop of the day was at the Brigade Boys & Girls Club.

For a full list of events this week and Queen Kira’s schedule, click here.