Humpday Health: Bodybuilding is about a healthy lifestyle


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Body building is not new. It started long ago, but today it has grown to be much more.

“Now you have several divisions,” Michael Broadway said. “There’s women’s physique, figure, men’s physique, classic physique, and bikini. So now it’s broader and bigger.

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No pun intended.

Michael Broadway is the coach of Team Broadway here in Wilmington and he says that to be a body builder, you have to have a certain mindset. But in addition to a mindset, being an athlete like this takes a lot of work. However, despite misconceptions, these athletes say there’s more to body building than working out.

“It’s a very healthy lifestyle and it’s all of it combined but you can’t just come in here and work out, you can’t just take the supplements and you can’t just eat,” Adrian Gonzalez said. “It’s the whole lifestyle in general.”

If you’re ready for the work, you can be a body builder. Kristina Bell is a mom of three but still loves the lifestyle.

“I love working out, it’s always been a part of my lifestyle,” Bell said. “It’s a good stress reliever and it keeps me level and calm. It just makes me feel good and an endorphin rush.”

The rush of endorphins comes when they hit the stage. For members of this team, they’re living a healthy lifestyle while building confidence.

“I feel like it’s the best me when I’m on point and on track,” Saraa Sydnor said. “Sometimes I don’t want to struggle but I think that’s what makes you stronger.”

If you want to get involved in body building, you can visit the state website by clicking here.