Port City Super Girls graduation


WATHA, NC (WWAY) — These girls may not have super powers like flying or heat vision, but they are definitely super heroes in their own right.

They have confidence and a new outlook on life.

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Wilmington police department held their first ever Port City Super Girls Academy this week.

So, who is a super girl and what do they do?

“A super girl is a responsible girl. She’s smart, she’s intelligent, she doesn’t care what other people think about her, she’s perfect in her own little way,” 12-year-old, Myonna Harry, said.

“Help out others, to help them reach their goals. And you know, go an extra mile as we say. That’s one of our phrases to say,” 17-year-old, Kariely Diaz Ortega, said.

“You are a super girl because a super girl is always striving to get higher and to get better. So any girl has the potential to be a super girl,” 14-year-old, Destiny Williams, said.

The four day, three night academy, was free and took place at Camp Kirkwood.

The North Carolina family violence prevention and services program provided the funding for the camp.

It helped teens learn about innovative career paths, money management, and violence prevention and intervention.

It ended with a graduation ceremony, celebrating their accomplishments.

Now, they want more girls to experience and attain their super powers.

“Every girl needs to be lifted up. Just the fact that we are girls, gives us the right to hold each other accountable and to be a team,” Williams said.

“But we have to learn to bring ourselves up. You know, we have to be girls and love each other and help each other out,” Ortega said.

“Just persevere, cause that’s what I did,” Harry said.

These girls are from all walks of life: different backgrounds, different cultures, different personalities. But they do have one thing in common: they aren’t just girls, they are super girls.