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Video still of limping guenon monkey (Photo: PETA)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — PETA is once again speaking out against the Tregembo Animal Park.

PETA filed a complaint requesting  that the U.S. Department of Agriculture do an inspection after an eyewitness documented animals in apparent need of veterinary attention.

PETA says it has video of a limping guenon monkey, a fox and donkey with hair loss, and a bobcat who appears to have difficulty navigating up a structure, which they say is an indication of possible visual impairment.

Other animals were seen pacing. According to a news release, PETA wants “authorities to step in and make sure that these animals aren’t left to suffer in cramped, squalid cages.”

We reached out to the Tregembo Animal Park about these new allegations.

Sherry Tregembo says the USDA came out a few weeks ago and inspected the Animal Park and found it to be in compliance.

Tregembo also addressed the complaints, saying there is nothing wrong with the monkey, she just likes to hop around on one foot, which she has been doing for 20 years.

Tregembo says the fox and donkey are shedding their winter coats, and the bobcat is 15 years old and is blind.  As for the pacing animals, Tregembo says when the zookeeper goes by, or when it’s almost feeding time, the animals will pace like they’re looking for food.

Tregembo is a ten acre zoo home to 130 species including lions, tigers and a giraffe.

In 2015, the USDA cited the Tregembo Animal Park over health problems concerning a bear.




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  • Angela Flythe Holt

    For more photos from Tregembo Animal Park, check out the facebook page Support Tregembo Animal Park. For some videos, check out Tales From Tregembo on YouTube, by WWAY. Informative!

  • Angela Flythe Holt

    After an unannounced inspection today by USDA, NO INJURED OR SUFFERING ANIMALS WERE FOUND AT TREGEMBO ANIMAL PARK. The zoo was 100% in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and USDA standards!

  • LPersonnel

    OMG, the animals were pacing. Shut it down. I am going to sneak in a file for the monkey to escape and will bring some contacts and put them on the bobcat, if he will let me.

  • Haley

    Those cages are beyond sad looking! Imagine never being able to come out of there. Such small enclosures. I’m in tears looking at bear. How can anyone feel good about going here? This isn’t right. Something drastic needs to be done immediately.

  • Old Surfer

    PETA? The organization that says milk is “liquid meat”?

  • Sandy Wall

    Why don’t you peta pansies educate yourselves on animal behaviour before you make false accusations to discredit an establishment that has housed, loved and cared for animals that cannot fend for themselves. All you people want to do is make your mark and get your 15 minutes of fame with lies. You manipulate the public and exploit animals. You euthanize (murder) thousands of animals each year. Your adoption rate is a joke. With today’s technology photos and videos can be doctored to reflect a horrific scene that does not even exist which is exactly what you people have done. I’ve visited the zoo in question that seems to be the main target for peta and what I saw were healthy-even playful animals that thrive in a loving environment. Most of these animals were born in captivity or rescued from failing sanctuaries. This zoo has been in compliance with the USDA for over 25 years so what’s the problem? But peta would rather see these animals dead than volunteer one minute of their time in helping these zoos take care of animals. What are you people-animal whisperers? Do they talk to you-share their experience? Peta call themselves a non-profit organization-really? Dig a little deeper into the pocket of their CEO. Don’t fall for the hype people-educate yourselves. Don’t buy into the unsubstantiated accusations these people perpetuate. In other words don’t believe everything you hear. Do your own research-don’t rely on the bias of a hypocritical organization who furthers their agenda with propaganda.

    • John

      And you are an uninformed supporter of people abusing animals

  • Lucy_P

    Anyone with eyes can see that the small, barren enclosures these animals are confined in are sorely inadequate. It’s no wonder the animals pace frantically–it’s a sign of “zoochosis,” a mental condition caused by intensive captivity.

    • Angela Flythe Holt

      “Zoochosis” is a made-up term, made up by animal rights activists. While I have seen animals under stress in actual abusive and neglectful situations, I have NEVER seen any distress in the animals at Tregembo Animal Park.

    • Angela Flythe Holt

      All enclosures at the zoo are designed for the health and safety of the animals. They contain various surfaces, including soft ground, raised platforms, trees, and pools. They are sized according to the comfort requirements of each species which they house.

  • Kim Marie

    This place has been in trouble for years and needs to be shut down and the animals retired to reputable sanctuaries immediately. Visitors have seen dead and decaying bodies on the property, which is beyond disturbing and immoral.

    • Sandy Wall

      Visitors have seen what? Where’s your proof? Check your facts. That was peta pansies making false accusations. Which is what they have become infamous for. They euthanize (murder) thousands of animals per year. They are hypocrites

      • John

        You are correct Sandy Walls,( how is your cabinetry company doing?). They euthanize animals that have been abused to the point where they cannot be saved,(according to the veterinarians that treated them) They do what is done to abused dogs all the time because they are too sick to be saved!

      • Devilwoman

        bs, John

    • Angela Flythe Holt

      That is false. The “dead turtle shells” reported by a visitor were actually WATERMELON RINDS, as the tortoises were enjoying a watermelon treat. Based on my sanctuary experiences, this zoo is a higher quality facility than most sanctuaries.

    • Joyce Ingraham

      where did you get that line of hogwash. There has never been any dead animals laying around. I bet you have never even been within 5 miles of the place. Oh. nd they are a reputable sanctuary rescuing many animals.

  • Jennofur OConnor

    Tregembo has long been a. Why anyone steps foot in there is beyond me. Animals are jammed in tiny, filthy cages, the feds routinely cite the owners for failing to provide animals veterinary care, and the animals have no quality of life whatsoever.

    • Sandy Wall

      There’s proof peta has doctored photos so they appear to be what they are not. They are the most dishonest organization.

      • Jennofur OConnor

        Holy moly – surely you know what libel is? What you’re saying is flat out untrue.

      • Devilwoman

        No it’s actually true that PETA is a pos and they euthanize almost every animal that comes to them. Search for the lawsuit regarding their dumpster disposal.

  • Stephen Abarno

    The USDA is a friggen Joke !! That needs to be replaced with people who really care about the animals and not the greed of money !!!!

  • Sheree Harrell

    This is a very sad place for animals to live. Please send these animals to a bonafide sanctuary.

  • Sandy Wall

    Why don’t you peta pansies educate yourselves on animal behavior before you make accusations and discredit an establishment that has housed, loved and cared for endangered animals or ones that can NOT fend for themselves for well over 25 years. All you people want to do is make your mark and get your 15 minutes of fame. I’m well aware you’d rather see healthy animals dead than in a zoo. There are tons of articles to prove how many euthanizations you perform on a daily basis. Stick to puppy mills and sanctuaries that really abuse animals.

    • John

      What are you talking about?? They have been fined for neglect before!

  • Angela Flythe Holt

    Once again, PETA is stirring up trouble where there is no cause. Animal rights activists and PETA members and followers like to take a snapshot of an animal and paint a sad and ugly picture, claiming it’s unhealthy, neglected, and abused, when in fact it is a healthy and thriving animal! They demonstrate no knowledge of animal behavior. They do this to gain support for their cause–which may include raising funds or abolishing human-animal contact. I am glad that WWAY reported the zoo’s side of the story in this case! I am familiar with Tregembo Animal Park and with the animals mentioned in the above article. I can assure readers, PETA, and the USDA that the guenon is healthy. (Wild and captive guenons hop! It’s what they do!) This is the time of year when many mammals, including the fennec fox and the donkey, shed winter fur to make room for their summer fur. The bobcat is a senior animal, and he has vision loss as a result of natural aging. Furthermore, there is a HUGE difference between aimless pacing and walking for a reason, as a response to a stimulus. In all my hours spent at this zoo over the years, I have never witnessed mere pacing by any animal. As for the bear that was sick several years ago, he was under veterinary care at the time of PETA’s complaint and has made a full recovery. I wish that PETA and troublesome activists would go and spend their efforts helping animals in real need instead of harassing our local zoo!

    • Shaun Patrick O’Rourke

      I’ve not noticed all your posts over the years continues to defend this horrible place. You are either related to someone’s who owns the road side zoo or a paid troll.

      Anyone with any decency can see this place is a disaster.

      Shame on you. I hope I live long enough to see this place shut down.

      • Angela Flythe Holt

        I am neither a relative nor paid. I am a voluntary SUPPORTER of this animal park. I have years of experience in the animal world of sanctuaries, rescues, zoos, and veterinary hospitals–as a volunteer and employee–but am not and have never been an employee of Tregembo Animal Park. I have knowledge of and experience with animal care and have seen actual cases of animal abuse and neglect, but NEVER at Tregembo Animal Park. It is my opinion that this zoo is a high-quality facility, and that opinion is based on my experience.

    • Jennofur OConnor

      The USDA investigated and cited the facility for a direct violation of
      the Animal Welfare Act for failing to provide the bear with adequate
      veterinary care, stating that the bear was “suffering.” Since the USDA is hardly pro-active, this is one damning comment.

      • Angela Flythe Holt

        This is incorrect. The USDA did a follow-up inspection after the complaint about the bear and noted no non-compliant items.

      • Jennofur OConnor

        Angela, the USDA report is still widely available! It was a direct violation over lack of veterinary care. Who cares what happened “later.” They let that bear suffer and that is an undeniable fact.

      • Angela Flythe Holt

        Also, there is a big difference between a “violation” of the Animal Welfare Act and a non-compliant item on an inspection. A violation can only be determined judicially and administratively. The inspection involving the bear resulted initially in a non-compliant item, and then the follow-up inspection resulted in no non-compliant items. There were no AWA violations, as you have twice stated. Anti-zoo activists and PeTA like to throw around the terms “violation of the Animal Welfare Act” to make zoos an animal parks look bad to the public, but it is not accurate in the case of Tregembo Animal Park.

      • Jennofur OConnor

        Ok, I see now you adhere to the Alternative Facts mantra.

    • Jared

      Would you trade places with the animals?

      Let’s not pretend like zoos are necessary. It’s not like something unnecessary becomes right just because it’s better than something else. Animals aren’t here for us to use as we see fit. Please reject speciesism.

      • Angela Flythe Holt

        Now we get to the heart of the matter: You disagree with zoos. I can respect that. But I can not respect or agree with spreading falsehoods against people and their zoo because you don’t like zoos in general. Bottom line is that the animals PETA complained about were and are healthy. There is no real abuse or neglect taking place at Tregembo Animal Park. Also, it seems as though you are giving animals human qualities. That is called anthropomorphism. Based on my experience working with animals, I believe the animals at Tregembo Animal Park do enjoy good homes and a stress-free existence. But asking me if I would trade places with them is like comparing apples to oranges. I don’t think specieism is an actual thing. Racism is. Let’s reject racism.

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