Humpday Health: Beach Body Diet


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Beach season is basically here and it’s a time of year when a lot of folks are rushing to get a beach body ready to hit the sand.

Over the next few weeks we will be going over ways to get ready.

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In this week’s Humpday Health, it all starts with your diet.

“I know with beach season coming up, some of us can’t fit into our summer clothes this year,” Health Expert Evonne Varady says. “So diet comes way before your exercise.”

If you want to work on that beach bod diet, it takes a few steps.

“Journaling, five to six meals a day, proper portions, putting the right things on your plate, hydration and sleep.” Varady said.

Let’s start with journaling.

People often forget what they eat, so keeping tabs on what you consume will help you remember.

The second step is portion control.

You can use scales, measuring cups, or just smaller plates to keep the portions low.

“We tend to over eat and if we don’t use our measuring cups, which are simple tools, we put more things on our plate than needs to be there,” Varady said. “Along with proper portion control comes proper things to put on our plates. Make sure to get green vegetables, plenty of protein in and we’re getting our complex carbs in there.”

Creating a balanced plate will help you take off the extra pounds put on over the winter season.

Along with the balanced plate, comes water.

It’s important to stay hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 ounces per day, especially during the heat of the summer.

“Sometimes when we feel like we’re hungry, sometimes drinking some water can make our stomachs feel fuller.” Varady said.

Finally there is sleep.

Not quite diet based, but getting the eight hours of sleep is critical to the next step of the beach body, which are workouts.

Coming up over the next five weeks, Dustin and Evonne will be going over different workouts tailored to getting your body ready for some fun in the sun.

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