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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As preparations begin across the Port City for the Wells Fargo Championship PGA Tour one Wilmington restaurant is getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

Trolly Stop will be setting up shop on the green for a change come May.

When the owners of the shop on Fountain Drive, Catherine and Richard Walsh, were asked if they wanted to be a vendor for the tournament it was an easy decision.

“It was a no-brainer. What it would make in a week would take me a month to make at the store,” Richard said.

But with being a vendor comes a lot of responsibility. They will have to close up shop for the whole week of the tournament moving all of their equipment and resources to the course.

Richard says they even had to recruit volunteers to help set up and serve the hot dogs.

“But I think it’s going to be a unique experience. It’ll be something that’s once in a lifetime type of thing that you participate in. But like I said on our part it’s going to be a lot of work just to get it all set up,” Richard said.

It is an experience they are excited, yet nervous about.

“Excited because it’s something we’ve never done before. And a little scared because it’s something we’ve never done before,” Catherine said.

In a typical week Catherine says they sell about 2,000 hot dogs but they are preparing for three times that amount.

“We’re still gonna have at least 6,000 hot dogs and probably another 1,000 sausages is what we’re anticipating. So that’s a lot of food,” Richard said.

A lot of food and the opportunity to share it with people from all over. And if they fall short on the fairway, they will have a driver pick up more food from the shop.

Richard says they will be up and running Monday, May 1, until Sunday, May 7.


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  1. Heimie Schmelter

    What a great opportunity! Normally, businesses have to beg and scratch to get a spot like this! You’ll do great Catherine and Richard!

  2. Old Surfer

    Bob’s Dog’s are better. :-)

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