Anonymous donor pays off $2,800 Myrtle Grove Middle School’s cafeteria balance


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The bill is wiped clean at Myrtle Grove Middle School.

“I was kinda in shock, got a little teary-eyed actually,” said Principal Sam Highsmith, when he learned an anonymous donor had paid off the entire cafeteria balance, which was around $2,800.

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Highsmith says the balance had accrued since the beginning of the year. He estimates around 100 kids or more owed money. Some of the bills were just a few bucks, but some kids had balances that were $100 or more.

At the end of the year, if the balance isn’t paid, the school is responsible for paying it. Children who owe a balance are not denied a full lunch, but they aren’t allowed to get any extras like cookies or ice cream.

According to an email sent to WWAY, the donor “hopes that it will help out those who were unable to make the payment, and that those that could afford it but were simply remiss, will pay it forward in their own random act of kindness somehow.”

Highsmith feels the same way. He plans on writing the parents of every student who owed a balance and let them know about today’s blessing, and that he hopes they will take this as an opportunity to pay it forward. But it’s not just parents he’s counting on to continue the good deed.

“The school is going to figure out how to pay it forward,” he said. “There are restrictions, but we want to help somebody.”