Gov. Roy Cooper signs revised HB13


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY/AP) — Late this afternoon, Gov. Roy Cooper signed HB13 in order to keep educators in classrooms and prevent a budget crisis in schools across the state.

Earlier today, the General Assembly gave final approval to ease class-size mandates in early grades next fall after North Carolina school districts said meeting even lower maximums would mean layoffs and crowded classes in other grades.

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The House voted overwhelmingly Thursday for the compromise announced this week by Senate Republicans and a key school administrator’s group.

The proposal phases in previously approved average class-size numbers over two years. District leaders also will have to provide information about how money received for classes in kindergarten through third grade is used.

Districts spend some K-3 teacher funding for art, music and foreign language classes and said those instructors might be eliminated without a fix. GOP lawmakers say they’re committed to funding these “supplemental” programs in the future.