Ohio soldier killed in raid in Afghanistan

Cameron H. Thomas was killed while battling ISIS in Afghanistan (Photo: WTVD)

CLEVELAND (AP) – The U.S. military says a 23-year-old soldier from Ohio was among two Army Rangers killed in a raid in Afghanistan who may have died as the result of friendly fire.

The Department of Defense said in a statement Friday that Cameron Thomas, of Kettering, in southwest Ohio, was killed in the raid Wednesday on an Islamic State compound in eastern Afghanistan. The military is investigating to see if he and the other soldier who died were accidentally killed by ground fire from Afghan commandos or other American forces.

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Thomas’ sister remembered him Friday as someone who was committed to becoming an Army Ranger.

Twenty-two-year-old Arran Thomas-Dunlavey, of Jacksonville, North Carolina, told The Associated Press via an instant message service that her brother always had a “sense of purpose.”