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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have released the name of a motorcyclist killed in a crash over the weekend along with a passenger in a car who was hurt.

WPD spokeswoman Cathryn Lindsay says Dre Garion Jordan, 33, of Castle Hayne died in the crash. Virginia Whiting Kuhn, 52, of Wilmington remains in critical condition, police say. Emergency crews had to cut Kuhn out of the Toyota Prius involved in the crash. The driver of the car had minor injuries.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon at Rogersville Road and Eastwood Road.

Lindsay says it appears Jordan was speeding, so it’s unlikely charges will be filed.


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  • DeAnne Carroll

    right where shaq died in 2009 damn wth fix this already ….stop giving out money making tickets and actually do something!!! wpd ugh !

    • Heimie Schmelter

      Uhhh…derrrrrrr…the motorcyclist was estimated to be going at least DOUBLE the speed limit, which would put him at 90-120 mph. A little “fast” for a 45 mph zone doncha thank? Geeeez…
      Some additional info for ya, “Dre” had multiple dug offense convictions, Resisting officer convictions, speeding to elude arrest, reckless driving and operating without a license convictions. Sort of looks to me like the WPD had gone well above and beyond their duty with this idiot!

      • Cherry Brown

        I believe you are referring to a “Drew” Jordan, not this guy, Dre Jordan. Check your information before spreading rumors.

      • Ann

        Right. This was Dre’ Jordan, who served in the Army, attended college, and was a hardworking member of society as well as a kind and caring person. Maybe Heimie Schmelter owes his family who might be reading this article an apology for that horrible comment, and in the future should think twice before making assumptions about people.

      • James Brown


  • Anne Russell

    Ginnie Kuhn is the author of “Tide and Time,” a history of Wrightsville Beach.

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