ShotLink uses technology to track shots and more on PGA Tour


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some big-time technology will be in use this weekend at the Wells Fargo Championship.

ShotLink is the scoring system for the PGA Tour. It measures every single shot, round and player in real time.

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Staff arrived last wednesday to map the course. A digital image of each hole is then used as background information to calculate exact locations and distances of any two coordinates.

This is all possible thanks to the help from hundreds of volunteers. They help track shots, length of putts, driving distance and other statistics that you can see about the players on your phone, TV or anywhere you are watching the Wells Fargo Championship.

“The biggest thing about this course is that we have never been here before,” ShotLink Operations Senior Manager Sean Howland said. “This is our first time here, so all the set-up around the green are brand new to us. We don’t know where the players hit the ball yet as far as tee shots, so there is no historically data.”

This week there are at least 300 volunteers on the sidelines to make the system as accurate as possible. Players depend on this information, along with the fans who watch.