Teacher of the Week: Jake Wentzek


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — From band, jazz band and chorus to symphonic, concert and marching band, Jake Wentzek does it all at Topsail High School.

“Band is my forte,” he says. “It is what I like to do best, but choir is a good getaway from that and a good break as well.”

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His students say he is good at it all, but also at being a good friend.  Every Friday he has a 20 minute life skills session with his class to help them with things like balancing a checkbook or making a resume.

“I want to help them with the things that aren’t part of the curriculum,” he says, “because they need that help too.”

Music isn’t the only thing he wants them to learn.

“Finding what makes them happy,” he says, “is the most important part of my class.”