Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry provides free dental care


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One Brunswick County dentistry is giving back to the community in a big way. For the 6th year in a row, Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry has put on ‘Dentistry From the Heart’ event.

It is an annual event that puts smiles on hundreds of people’s faces including Oretha Kinlaw.

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“All hope is not lost ya know,” Kinlaw said. “That there are some good people trying to do some good things. And it’s nice that they’re offering this service. Especially that many people.”

All day Friday Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry provided more than 210 people with the choice of a free extraction, filling or cleaning.

It was an opportunity for mothers like Deana Bowling to get a financial break.

“I have five kids. Me and my husband. And we pay for all their medical bills. We don’t get any help. So this really allows, it takes a big chuck off being able to get them dental help,” Bowling said.

Bowling had her kids at the office by 4 a.m. Some even camped over night in their cars to get free treatment.

“Nowadays nothings for free. And for something to be for free. It’s like, you know it’s special,” Bowling said.

Seven dentists and more than 80 volunteers donating their time and talent to give back to those in need.

“And that’s just, that’s not what happens in the world today,” Bowling said.

One of the seven dentists providing free services, co-owner of Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry Anthony Michelakis.

“There are certain clinics in the county and Wilmington that they can go to,” Michelakis said. “But sometimes there are people that don’t qualify for that and they really have nowhere to go and have no money to have dental services. You know, infections in the mouth are very dangerous. So we feel fortunate that we’re able to help a lot of people.”

Along with free dental care, Novant Health was also there providing free health screenings.

Over the years, Coastal Cosmetic Family Dentistry has donated more than $270,000 in free dental care to more than 850 people across the county.