CBS Sports golf broadcast a massive production


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Have you ever wondered what it takes to broadcast a tournament like the Wells Fargo Championship live across the country on CBS?

The crew says it’s  like the circus coming to town. Seven semi trucks drove into Eagle Point Golf Club earlier this week and set up shop for all the tournament coverage, and as you can imagine there is a lot that goes into making it possible.

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“It’s a big undertaking with all the technology, all the cameras, audio, videos, everything,” CBS Sports Coordinating Producer Lance Barrow said.

From this production truck to your TV screen, there’s a lot that has to happen for people to experience the Wells Fargo Championship no matter where you are in the world.

Producers, camera operators, directors and more all sit in one room of one production truck filled with more than 215 monitors displaying the variety of camera shots to give you a view of the action and the beauty at Eagle Point Golf Club. And of course, the team also includes on-air talent, including lead broadcaster Jim Nantz and analyst Sir Nick Faldo.

“I can see why everyone likes it,” Faldo said of the course, which he says is among the top 100 in the country. He doesn’t think players will score low since it’s unfamiliar territory for many golfers.

“They have come to a new golf course, and they had to deal with Thursday and that was breezy and blustery, and now they are going to play Friday, where it’s soft and breezy, a completely different kind of feel,” Faldo, a six-time major championship winner as a player, said. “Winds change direction. The weekend will go back to being sunny and cool for down here, 70s, so yeah that’s pro golf. Everyday will be different.”

While the weather may be the hardest challenge for the pros, on the production side, there are a variety of obstacles.

“Golf is the hardest sport to do on TV, and it’s because there is more than one ball, you are covering 18 stages and the biggest thing, unlike other sports we cover, like football and basketball, is golfers don’t stop playing,” Barrow said. “They keep playing, so we can’t very well ask Jim Nantz to lean over a tower and ask Phil Mickleson wait a few seconds before we come back from commercial like we do at other sports.”

CBS Sports had a few visits to Eagle Point prior to this event to get prepared for the Wells Fargo Championship. Even camera operators were out several days this week learning the different routes around the course.

CBS Sports will broadcast live coverage of the Wells Fargo Championship this weekend. Third round coverage starts at 3 p.m. Saturday. On Sunday, you can watch “PGA Tour 2017: Destination Sunday” starting at 2 p.m. Then final round coverage starts at 3 p.m. Of course, all of that is on WWAY CBS.